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Pink lady apples, probiotic raspberry yogurt smoothie, cream, cubalaya eggs (peewee sized, so small batch baking!), pastrami from Urban Butcher (oh nom nom nom!), onion, a head of hydroponic lettuce that I immediately stuck in a pot of dirt, and a six-pot of johnny-jump-ups for [profile] hollimichelle's front flowerbed.
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I have some linguica that I was planning on turning into Portuguese Kale Soup this week, but my stand of kale looks like it was attacked with an axe.

I'm not sure if the ice and snow got it or if the groundskeepers got it with a weed-whacker, but there is not a leaf left on the thing, and the stumpy remnants of the stems look pretty chewed up. I guess I'll have to stop by the grocery and grab a block of frozen kale -- if I'm going to be buying it from the store, I'm getting it pre-chopped.

Otoh, I should be starting celery and celeraic, which will be nice. It's the time of year to look longingly at seed catalogues. I'm debating this year whether to just give in an buy a horehound plant, or try to grown one from seed again. The same for breadbox poppies...
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Apples, goat cheese curds, carrot cake cupcake, ham & cheese croissant, and challah bread. Also picked up seed packets, oven, room and soil thermometer, and a bag of nylar seed at the hardware store.

Making German Potato Salad with mulefoot pork bacon.
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I made Caprese sandwiches using this recipe -- it worked out well, though I think slightly fresher bread and two garlic heads, not one, would be ideal.

But I tested the slicing on my Abraham Lincoln cultivar tomatoess, and they really do slice wonderfully well. I think I might plant more of them next year!


Aug. 14th, 2013 05:53 pm
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Well, I can definitely tell that August is here, because I'm harvesting tomatoes every day now -- not just the little cherry tomatoes, but paste plums, slicers, and beefsteaks.

Now I just have to figure out what to do with them. At least with the green chiles I have a plan to make chili verde.

I think I'm going to have to clear out some space in my freezer and make sauce.
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Donut peaches, yellow nectarine (for clatoufi), Zestar apples, ground cherries, two small green peppers, and two apple-walnut danish.

Sometime this week, I will make pizza with all the tomatoes that I've been picking -- my Debarao tomato has been really productive, and it's a plum-paste type.
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Batard of white bread, quart of strawberries, pint of Queen Anne cherries, a roll of chevre, a pint of snap peas, a carrot cake cupcake and a framboisine.

Picked up some sturdy plastic garden stakes at the hardware store, and trellised the cucumbers. The tomato patch is get unruly, with some of the plants closing in on five feet tall. Hopefully I'll have at least cherry tomatoes for Fourth of July. I'm hoping to make salted lemon and cherry pies for the party, as well as bring my shrub syrups.
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A quart of strawberries, a pint of sweet peas, 4 chicken breasts, 3 osso bucco cuts.

Picked up 2 zucchini plants and 2 cucumbers in flower at the Whole Foods (maybe they're prickly enough that they won't get eaten in the community garden), plus a can of diced tomatoes with green chiles and other ingridients for this tortilla soup recipe. Also bought way more lemons than I expected too, since they were only selling organic lemons in 2lb bags -- I guess I'll finally try the leaf-lard crust and the Shaker lemon pie recipes.

Currently grinding black pepper to make Baharat for Jidi Bel Zet.

I have reached the point in the summer where there is too much food available, esepcially greens. It is very much a first world problem, but it does me I won't have to cook for a week and a half if I make these three things (soup, pie, meat dish) this weekend.
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I transplanted the bigger of the Abraham Lincoln tomatoes today -- of 5 seedling I started, only 2 are left.

Planted shallots in the community garden in a very gravelly dirt with a layer of leaf-gro compost over the bulbs. Also planted 4 garlic cloves in the community garden and four in the right flowerbed between the green chile plants.

Transplanted 4 pumpkin seedling to larger plastic pots. If they survive, I'll plant them in the community garden among the corn and beans -- it'll be a milpa, sort of.

I did notice the artichoke seemed to be regenerating from being eaten down to the soil, so I'm happy about that.

The tomatoes and peppers in the community garden that got eaten are also bouncing back -- I think I only lost one tomato and two pepper plants in total, and those are easy to replace.

Tomorrow I'll try planting the potatoes in pots.
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Two tomato plants, two pepper plants for the community garden, a batard of white bread, a whole chicken (3.1 lbs), a 4 lb picnic shoulder, a bunch of carrots, a quart of strawberries, a carrot cake cupcake, and a framboisine.

Also picked up some sturdy plastic stakes for the garden, and some squash, pumpkin, hollyhock, and marigold seed.

I picked the last of the fava beans, and ripped the plants out. Tomorrow, I plant bush beans and maybe some of the sweet peppers or beet seeds in that space. The volunteer larkspurs are flopping over as well, and I might rip them out and replaced them with something else.
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I had the first tiny strawberry of the season today! I'm looking forward to many more.

Also, I transplanted a lot of seedlings into the community garden today: 2 cucumbers, 3 green beans, 2 tongue-of-fire beans, an ornamental sweet potato, and an artichoke.

I also scattered some lettuce seed, sowed trenches for radish, carrot, and parsnip seeds, and planted more green beans, tongue-of-fire beans, and several sunflowers.

We'll see what takes.

And I transplanted one of my alpine strawberries into a bigger pot.
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Batard of white bread, two small white turnips, 1/2 lb of asparagus, 0.4 lb of flat iron bison steak, one pan au chocolat, one ham and cheese croissant, two jalapeno plants (from hardware store), 6 apples (last of the season).

Time to repot my plants -- one of my strawberries needs a bigger pot, and my pepper seeds are finally sprouting. Not mention the sunflowers, zinger hibiscus, green and tongue-of-fire beans, and artichokes. I expect to get up early tomorrow and do a whole lot of repotting.

Also, I just signed my renewed lease, and my rent actually went down by about $20 a month. That's going straight into my savings account, of course.

May the Fourth be with you ;)
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Pink lady apples, batard of white bread, carrot cake cupcake, oyster and shiitake mushrooms -- on Saturday.

Carrots, dried sage, eight different herb plantss -- lemon verbeena, dill, large-leaf basil, oregano, curly parsley, lime thyme, sage, and rosemary -- a horseradish plant, and 4 different tomato plants -- cherokee purple, black prince, sungold cherry, and brandywine.

Making Schweinshaxe right now, though I had to substitute a turnip for the parsley root, since I don't think I've ever seen parsley root for sale. It smells pretty tasty anyway.

Also, I've got an account on Growstuff, which is kind of like Ravelry for gardeners, or at least hopes to be. Skud is behind it, so it will be interesting to see where it goes.


Apr. 10th, 2013 10:39 pm
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My alpine strawberries have started sprouting!

Admittedly, the plants are about 2 millimeters tall now, but I got the seeds to germinate, so yay me!
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I planted four starters with alpine strawberry seeds yesterday. Given that it takes anywhere from 14 to 28 days for them to germinate, this might take a while.
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Batard of white bread, two spinach plants, chorizo, weisswurst, pork fish, naranjilla, Wallaby cheese, chestnuts, and a chicken empanada.

The naranjilla I'll probably make into a drink, though not a shrub -- something more on the order of an agua fresca. The chestnuts will be roasted.

Right now, I'm making another batch of White Bean Spread ... I need to get some more sumac for the next time I need to make za'atar. Sometime this evening I'll plant the spinach seedlings -- given that I tore out all of the mint yesterday, I'm a little bit gardened out...
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1 persimmon, Nittany apples, bartlett pears, 1 lb ground beef, 6 oz feta, pain au chocolate and framboisine.

There was a stand selling quinces, so I might buy one or two next week and bake them.

At the art market, Susquehanna Knitting Company was there this week -- I didn't buy anything, but they had a lovely scarf pattern that I might pick up that used black and varigated yarns to lovely effect.

I also ran into [personal profile] ellen_fremedon -- last week I ran into [ profile] wordplay -- the market seems to be the place to run into people.

I'm thinking about hosting Thanksgiving again this year, and maybe making hasenpfeffer instead of turkey -- there is a vendor who carries whole rabbits, so I could certainly get one or two. I definitely want to try an antique soft drink tasting, so I might do that at the same time.
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Shortly after I arrived at the new apartment, I planted hibiscus in front of the hedge with the hope of harvesting them for red zinger and agua fresca making. However, they were shortly weed-wacked out existance by the groundskeeping staff.

So, my solution -- since tenants are allowed to plant in the flowerbeds and even lay out raised beds if they spring for the supplies themselves, was to buy supplies and make a bed for my plants that was unambiguously a maintained, not to be weedwacked, in-cultivation bed.

I did it this morning -- with some help from [personal profile] holli last night to get the bags of topsoil, compost, tools and such to my place she has a car. )

Also, I went with a neighbor up to Behnke's Nursery, and came back with fish fertlizer, microrhyzia innoculatant, and some pamphlets on amaryllis care. We had fun looking around, and she might go back for some indoor paperwhites. If that happens, I might go with her for saffron crocuces and maybe a few more amaryllis bulbs. They had already sold out of all the fall vegetable seedlings they carry, which surprised me. But I picked up two dill seedling and planted them when we got back. At the very least they'll give me fresh dill for a while -- they might seed and give the caterpillars something to eat next spring, if I'm lucky.

Surprisingly, all the work on the flowerbed (including cleaning up) only took two hours. We'll just have to see how sore I am in the morning, to see if I'm up to digging up all the mint some ex-neighbor planted in that bed -- it has to come out, but it might be next weekend.
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Muscadine grapes, poblano, sweet bell and anaheim peppers, tomatoes, chives quark, batard of white bread, pork shoulder, and seedlings of chard, collards, lettuce, and kale.

I tried roasting the anaheims, and wound up charring half of them -- I'm still learning how to work my stove, since it's electric and I've been cooking with gas these last 5 years. Right now, I'm making tomato ginger ice cream, though I've changed the recipe around a bit because there is no way I am adding flour to ice cream base; maybe cornstarch or arrowroot, but not flour.

Also, I have green beans on the vine and my fava beans are flowering! yay, the fall garden is working!
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I potted the collard green seedlings this morning -- they seem kind of delicate, so let's hope at least some of them survive the transition.

I also cut two runners from my strawberries, dipped them in rooting hormone, and potted them. They look pretty in small pots on my windowsill, don't you think )

I'm hoping that they make it into independant plants -- I might like to put them in the ground later, though that might in fact have to wait until spring.

Also, I'm trying to determine what exactly the gorgeous flower one of the other tenants gifted to me because she's moving out. It think it's some kind of lily? )I'd like to know so that I know how best to take care of it. If it'll do better in the ground, I'll need to figure out where to plant it and what can be near it, especially if it needs acidic soil. The local soil is clay for the most part, and needs a lot of compost for vegetables, but that's not neccessarily the case for ornamental flowers.


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