May. 23rd, 2012 09:00 pm
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I figured out why I was off on the yardage for [personal profile] sanj's sweater.

... I managed to forget 20 decreases. D:

So, I had to rip back almost to the sleeve joins and start the decreases again. This means I will in all probability not have it ready mid-June like I planned, but maybe by the first of September.

I'm going to try to work on it every day, including weekends, to get back to where I was on something approaching a schedule, but with my new (and exhausting) responsibilities at work, that might not happen. Maybe if I knit through every DVD I watch from Netflix for the next while, I'll be able to pace myself. We'll see.

At least I still have the perfect buttons for this project.
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I was dithering about finishing [personal profile] sanj's sweater, because I made an error at the rather complicated decrease -- which required ripping back 4 rows, which took about 80 minutes, all told.

But I seem to be back on track, and hope to have it finished in time to give it to her in June.


Sep. 28th, 2011 09:18 pm
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I must have miscalculated somewhere, since I'm rapidly approaching the end of [personal profile] sanj's sweater and even more rapidly running out of yarn. I was sure I ordered more yarn than the pattern called for, just to hedge against such a situation, but somehow, I don't seem to have enough. I'm now asking around on Ravelry to see if people with the correct color of the yarn are willing to sell me extras out of their stash.

This means [personal profile] sanj's sweater is on hold for the moment, while I work on some Fetching mitts for my aunt. I'm also looking at my stash and wondering if she, or anyone in the family, would like a Sariel shawl in Indiecita colorway from Malabrigo. Photos don't do justice to how pretty the colorway is -- it's got a lovely shimmery quality, like the mist rainbow from a waterfall.

I'm also looking at starting some more Baby Alligator scarves for my baby cousins -- I'll have to pick out colors -- and eventually start the Icarus shawl for [personal profile] sanj, since I have the 1000 yards of cobweb-weight she bought for it before she moved north. Fortunately, it's top-down, so if I begin to run out of yarn, I can just rip back and make it a little shorter.

I'm also looking at purchasing the Eyjafjallajökull and Irtfa'a patterns for myself
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I'm still working on [personal profile] sanj's Decimal cardigan. I'd say it's about 90% complete right now.

It looks kind of a mess right now seriously... )

The sleeves aren't sewn up yet, and the yoke is still in progress, but all it needs after the yoke is finished is the buttonband and then I'll sew the sleeves up and block it.
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I used my Microplane Zester for the first time today. This thing is amazing! Everyone who needs lemon zest on even a semi-regularly basis should get one! I zested an entire lemon in under a minute, and just had to tap the back of the zester to get the lemon zest off. I'm in love with this tool!

Also, I'm almost finished on the right sleeve of [personal profile] sanj's sweater, so probably will join the sleeves on Wednesday and start doing the yoke decreases.
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I've finished all the shaping and length for the left sleeve of [personal profile] sanj's Decimal Cardigan and will begin on the right sleeve tomorrow. I estimate it will take me through the end of August or so to get that finished, and probably through September to get the top of the sweater and the buttonband finished, plus sewing up the sleeves. So she might get it as early as October or as late as Christmas...
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I'm 21 stitches away from the stopping point on the left sleeve of [personal profile] sanj's Decimal Cardigan. This is good progress -- I should be able to start the right sleeve by next week, and have the sweater finished sometime in September, if I can find buttons and the time to seam it. This means she'll actually get use out of it this fall!

Anyway, I'm feeling accomplished here.
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I've completed 8 inches on the left sleeve of [personal profile] sanj's Decimal cardigan. That's about 2 balls worth -- I think each sleeve will take about 4 balls, but it really depends on how the decreasing goes. The sleeves are going to be bracelet length and slightly belled. It might take all of August to get this finished, and then I still have to find buttons. I'm leaning towards either whimsical hedgehogs or steampunk gears or sundials, depending on how big the buttonholes wind up, and what's available when it's time to order.
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I've started the left sleeve of [personal profile] sanj's Decimal Cardigan. It's going pretty fast -- probably because I'm working 100 stitches less than when I was doing the main body -- it'll tick up again when I join the sleeves to the rest of the body.

Hopefully, I'll get this done before fall, so she can at least wear it this year.

Otoh, I have found a selection of the most fabulous and adorable buttons!
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Found my copy of the Baby Alligator Scarf pattern. Now I can make one for [personal profile] molly_o's BG, and for my two youngest cousins-once-removed. I'll have to figure out some alternative to wool, since the smallest cousin is living in SoCal last I heard, and will not actually need a warm scarf come winter.

I also found my copy of Interweave Summer 2002 with the Annie Modesitt linen hat patterns -- the Garden Party Chapeau and Spectator Hat. I also have her Knitting Millinery, and plan to make several hats this year.

Now I just need to find my issue of Interweave Summer 2006 so I can make the Icarus shawl for [personal profile] sanj and get started on the sleeves for her Decimal cardigan.
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This is the yarn for Keðja, from Istex's Lopi No. 28, which I found out about while browsing Istex's online store after looking at what [personal profile] ellen_fremedon brought home from her trip to Iceland (lots of gorgeous yarn and a fabulous pattern book). According to Wikitionary, Keðja means chain -- which makes sense, given the colorwork edging. It's made from Létt-Lopi, which is an Aran-weight yarn that is incredible reasonably priced, even with the shipping. I tried to order a wheel of the dark amber heather Plötulopi in the same order, but it wasn't included and my money was refunded.

A rainbow of Lopi )

I plan to make the tunic length version of the sweater (which has the chain pattern around the hem as well as the neck), and modify it with waist shaping. That means it won't be quite Icelandic style, but it will be more flattering on me. I might change the neckline too -- maybe make it a little more of a jewel neckline than the pattern has as writ.

I'm also ramping up to finishing [personal profile] sanj's Decimal cardigan. It's made of Knit Picks Shine Sport in Jay, and should be my main summer project.

It's about half done, as you can see )

Right now, I've got most of the body of the sweater finished, and need to start on the sleeves -- probably starting next week, once the weather stops ping-ponging up and down so much.
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I'm at the 50% mark for [personal profile] sanj's Decimal cardigan, but I need to find the spare size 2 wooden circs to cast on the sleeves -- so I've cast on the left sock for my Blackrose socks instead. They're a good communting project, and I can work on starting the sweater sleeves this weekend
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Started [personal profile] sanj's Decimal sweater this evening. It looks like it might be a good late summer project, at least for a while. It could get awkward when mostly complete.


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