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Yesterday, [personal profile] greenygal, [personal profile] ellen_fremedon and I did part of the Art Hop in Takoma Park.

Now and Then had just gotten in a new order of Malabrigo, including new colorways, so [personal profile] ellen_fremedon spent a bit of time ooohing over them while we waited for [personal profile] greenygal.

Well, first we had lunch at Middle Eastern Cuisine, which was both reasonable priced and not too crowded when we went in. We split an appetizer of baba ganoush, and then I had the chicken shwarma for my entree, and the kenefa for dessert. I like kenefa immensely -- it's a desserts from the Middle Eastern-to-Indian 'pour syrup on stuff' family.

We walked around a bit, and decided to go into the DC part of Takoma -- since it's the opposite way away from the Metro station, I don't go there often. However, I think I should perhaps go there, especially when I want to pick up take-out. I have no idea what 'boom-boom shrimp' are, but the place we walked by that listed them in the window looked *interesting*.

The neatest shop we entered was SiTea The Spice Boutique -- which is more of a tea shop than a spice shop. They had an amazing assort of blends -- I picked up Sweet Georgia Brown (black with peach), Temple of Gunpowder (green), Chocolate Pillow Mint (green with mint and cacao nibs) and Cacao Pow!! (black with cacao nibs). I passed on Thor's Hammer (black with yerba mate and ginseng) and Mocha Chocolate Bliss (black with coffee beans and cacao nibs), mainly on the grounds that I didn't want to vibrate. [personal profile] ellen_fremedon picked four different blends -- mostly roibos blends (Kiss Me Guido, My Jamacian Guy, I believe,) and maybe one of the whites -- and [personal profile] greenygal bought two, one of which was That's Why The Lady is a Vamp. As you can imagine, the names are *hilarious* and sometimes very apt.

I think, at this rate, I really need another teapot. And definitely another infuser, since I seem to have lost half of mine. Oops.

Finally, I am almost finished on the first of my Ringwood gloves so pretty )

I may use these as therapy gloves if/when I get cold spells this summer. I might buy a skein of the same color ('Snowbird') is Malabrigo Rios, which is the superwash worsted yarn, and make myself matching socks for when my feet get unbearably cold at night.

I'm also blocking my Sariel shawl soon, and I'll post photos as soon as it's finished.


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