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Yesterday I rode up to MdS&W with [personal profile] wolfshark, her spouse and her friend -- taking the back roads and winding state highways up. We got there at about 10 am, as planned.

The first thing )
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Made it to [personal profile] sanj's fine, though when the train went from CSX rails to the Vermont rails, the ride got much worse -- very shaky and bumpy.

Spent yesterday tootling around Burlington, starting with the farmer's market. There were some absolutely delicious cider donuts, and some gorgeous leeks. I made St. Patrick's Cheese soup last night, which we ate with crusty bread.

We also stopped at one of the local yarn shops, and I found the cutest baby hat ever Flore (bluebell) for KassRachel's sproglet-to-be.

We're heading up to Montreal this morning -- it's been raining since I got here (literally, it was raining when I got off the train) so we might not get to enjoy the botanical garden, but there will be a Polish cafe by dinner time.

I'm going to try finding a massage place and make an appointment for when we get back. I might as well indulge myself on this trip, since it's all about relaxing and getting over my work-related stress.
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I finished the first cop of Embers (85% wool 10% Tibetan rayon thrums 5% nylon) today. Taken off the spindle, it weighed about 0.5 ounce, which means I'll be done with the roving in a few weeks if I keep at it.

The picture doesn't do justice to how shiny it is with the nylon and rayon glitzing up the fiber )The singles are incredibly cushy right now, and will be somewhere between lace and fingering when I ply them.


Jul. 1st, 2009 11:15 pm
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I'm not sure what to do with less 100 g of laceweight camel/tussah, but it sure is pretty
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I found some tussah/camel top that [personal profile] twistedchick passed on to me a year or two ago, and have been spinning it over the fold on my ebony spindle from Turnstyles.

I think there might be two ounces of the top at most, but it sure is pretty. If I ply it into laceweight, maybe I can make a beret out of it, or a skinny scarf?
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actually, too sticky. It rained all morning, and yet was cool. It stopped raining in the afternoon, the temperature shot up 15 degrees, and it was disgustingly muggy.

I am not going to get the lac-dyed CVM done before the end of summer at this rate...
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Today was World Wide Knit in Public day, and there was a local event just a short walk away.

Unfortunately, though I packed the muffler, it was really sticky out, so I got much more spinning done than knitting. But that was fine, because there were three vendors at the event, and I got to see two different Spinolution wheels -- the Bee and the Mach One; I rather like that they have side-to-side rockers instead of heel-toe pedals. I'm not sure how ergonomic that is in the long run, but it certainly seems like it might be a useful innovation.

Wild Hare Fiber is two women running a small scale fiber farm and mill. The colorways looked good, and some of the wool with thrums rovings were spectacular looking.

Rock Creek Yarn is very *very* local, and has some really fabulous colorways -- I like Kilauea, which is designed to pool spectacularly and give you 'volcano socks'. The silk yarn was also lovely, but the yardage was a bit odd -- enough for a stole, but not quite for a full-size triangular or Faroese shawl.

Woolarina was also there, and yet again had gorgeously bright colorways that just didn't click for me. I've never bought anything from her, even though it's good yarn dyed well, and I don't know why

Sadly, I had about two dollars in cash on me, so I didn't even buy a raffle ticket -- considering the number of raffle items they had on display, my odds would have been quite good, too...
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FInally weighed the cop of blue mohair... it's just about 1 oz/30 g. Which means I haven't gotten a quarter of the weight through that fiber... maybe by the end of summer if spin a little every day...
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I bought some mohair blend fiber last year at MDSW with the idea of possibly spinning it up into enough yarn to make myself an Antique Lace Shawl -- and then I forgot about it and the gorgeous spindle I bought for almost the entire year.

But I've been trying to spinning every day since *this* year's MDSW, so I've got a full cop finally.

I'll have to do this a LOT more before I'm finished. A beehive cop )

Btw, this is a square whorl from the Spindlewood Company and I believe it is ebony with tulipwood accents -- isn't it pretty? )
It spins really nicely too.
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I'm making a dedicated effort to spin up the fiber I bought this year and last at MDSW, but I really should get a kitchen scale that can do ounces or I'll never have any idea my progress.

And I need to find the sparkly blue CVM that I wanted to spin for a Suspended in Space stole.
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I think I'll be spinning the CVM from MDSW at a pretty rapid clip, if I keep doing a bit every night -- I really want to get this roving actually finished, for a change. I've got plans for the yarn.

At the moment, it's very thin singles, so if I ply it back on itself, it should be somewhere between lace and fingering, which would be nice for one of the scarves at KnitSpot.
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I went up with friends, [personal profile] twistedchick, her SU, and [personal profile] ellen_fremedon, early -- I believe we got there at 9:30 or so. It was trying to drizzle, so it was a good thing we had umbrellas. I had my smallest one, which doesn't give great coverage, but does fold up and store neatly in my backpack. And I had a hat on -- golf fedoras for the win!
I spent about 8 hours there )
All in all, I probably spent more than I should, but I didn't go absolutely overboard as I have in years past. What a fun day!


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