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Finally made the doenjangguk that I was planning to make this weekend. I did substitute the acorn squash I grew in my garden for zucchini, which was a substitution suggested by Maangchi. It was good, and definitely an option to repeat when squashes are cheap and plentiful in autumn and early winter.

Fresh littleneck clams aren't exactly cheap, though, and I'm trying to come up with a substitute that has a similar taste and texture profile.
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I have some linguica that I was planning on turning into Portuguese Kale Soup this week, but my stand of kale looks like it was attacked with an axe.

I'm not sure if the ice and snow got it or if the groundskeepers got it with a weed-whacker, but there is not a leaf left on the thing, and the stumpy remnants of the stems look pretty chewed up. I guess I'll have to stop by the grocery and grab a block of frozen kale -- if I'm going to be buying it from the store, I'm getting it pre-chopped.

Otoh, I should be starting celery and celeraic, which will be nice. It's the time of year to look longingly at seed catalogues. I'm debating this year whether to just give in an buy a horehound plant, or try to grown one from seed again. The same for breadbox poppies...
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Note to self: When you make stock using 2lbs of chicken parts and there is only one neck in among a bunch of chicken feet, even though you start off with four quarts of water, what you wind up with isn't so much stock as it is chicken jello.

That said, does anyone have a good recipe for pork shank? One that uses only one or two shanks, not six?
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Gold rush and pink lady apples, yellow bartlett pears, cheese danish, plain and bell pepper quark, batard of white bread, and breakfast bacon slab ends.

I'm boiling down Thursday chicken for stock -- with a nub of ginger and some garlic as well as celery and carrots in the water, because the chicken was roasted with garlic and za'atar to start with so I might as well continue with the Middle-Eastern spice theme. The bacon ends are cooking slowly -- I'll use their grease to caramelize some diced onions and make cauliflower-bacon-cheese soup out of the cauliflower puree that wound up being too soupy to serve.

Other than that, I'm taking it easy because I wound up standing for about 6 hours yesterday at the Johnathon Coulton/They Might Be Giants concert.
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Persimmons, red bartlett pears, winter banana and nittany apples, a dozen medium eggs, batard of white bread, quart of creamline milk, chicken empanada, cheese danish, and quart of honeycrisp apple cider.

Made garden huckleberry pie yesterday. Used the Renaissance Pastry recipe from Shakespeare's Kitchen for the crusts. Pie is very very purple .

Also made Dark Pork Stock using bone from a pork shoulder, meaty neck bones, and trotters (very cheap!). Almost too much stock to deal with, but I'll make French Onion Soup with some and reduce and freeze the rest.
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went to the yarn tasting for Cascade Yarns tonight -- I didn't have time to play with everything, but Cascade's Ultra Pima is a likely candidate if I ever do try to clone the shawl-collar sweater from Talbot's. Of course, the problem is that a) that sweater weighs 1.25 pounds, which is a LOT of yarn, and b) it's all-over cables at something like 8 st/in, which is frankly ridiculous for me to attempt, given how loosely I generally knit.

I did make the Pork Chili with Cumin Polenta from the new soup cookbook early in the week. It's very tasty, though I think I need more practice at making polenta -- mine is rather like slurry in texture, which I don't think it's supposed to be. Oh well, I can always try again.
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Honey mushrooms, apples, batard of country white bread, buffalo jerky stick, chicken empanada and chocolate muffin.

Making Cream of Mushroom Soup a la Romaine from Twelve Months of Monastery Soups -- a wonderful soup for a rainy day. Next week, I'll probably pick up some Shiitake mushrooms if the mushroom people are still there and pea shoots and make Soba with Shiitake Mushrooms, Pea Shoots, and Leeks again.
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So, I made the Beef and Barley Soup from Sunday Soup, even though I apparently forgot to get celery yesterday at the co-op.

It's *spectacular*, and really close to the canned Campbell's Beef and Barley soup I loved as a kid. I suspect if I had celery, it would be a near duplicate.

However, I only made a half recipe -- which should be *four* servings -- according to the cookbook, and I have at least 6 if not 8! I think 1/2 lb of meat per serving is excessive, and while I think the soup is extremely tasty, I think I could reduce the meat by at least half and still have a pretty good soup.


Feb. 28th, 2011 08:23 pm
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Apparently, I did not pick up celery yesterday... which is weird, because I remember seeing it in the store, and I'm sure I picked it up, but maybe I put it back. I did come home with 4 leeks, so I'm okay for vegetables -- but I wanted to buy celery specifically from the co-op, since vegetables tend to be fresher there than at the grocery, and given how slowly I use up celery, fresher means it will last that much longer in my crisper bin.
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Batard of white bread, chocolate cream cheese muffin, pink lady apples, normal and seconds potatoes, red and yellow onions, white mushrooms, 2 lbs of cubed buffalo, 3 lb boneless pork loin.

I'm going to try the "Beef and Barley Soup" (a half recipe, because I do not need 8 servings of anything) and the "Pork Chili with Cumin Polenta" from Sunday Soup -- I've managed to pick up three cookbooks this week -- Everyday Harumi and Kansha being the other ones.

I just need to pick up some carrots for the beef and barley soup, and some limes for the pork chili -- if I go to the co-op today, I'll probably get some celery and leeks as well, because their is this recipe for "Celery Bisque" that sounds fantastic -- I can make it next week and buy Blue Suede Moo from Kenswick Creamery for the accompanying "Stilton Toasts".

But first, time to boil potatoes for Heisser Kartoffelsalat (Hot Potato Salad -- made with bacon and vinegar). I'm going to try adding a juniper berry or two to the recipe, since I've finally gotten my hands on some.
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Made split pea soup today with salt pork I got from the farmer's market -- I used this recipe from epicurious, but omitted the salt for obvious reasons.

It's pretty tasty. I'd make it again, but only on the weekends, because it took almost 4 hrs to cook properly.
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The pair of hydrangea socks I've been working on recently are just not working out -- the colors are obscuring the pattern, and I think I made a major mistake somewhere, since things are not lining up.

I'm going to frog them and restart that yarn as simplicity socks.

Also, made autumnal soup tonight and found out that my blender blade needed oiling, severely.
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Made it to [personal profile] sanj's fine, though when the train went from CSX rails to the Vermont rails, the ride got much worse -- very shaky and bumpy.

Spent yesterday tootling around Burlington, starting with the farmer's market. There were some absolutely delicious cider donuts, and some gorgeous leeks. I made St. Patrick's Cheese soup last night, which we ate with crusty bread.

We also stopped at one of the local yarn shops, and I found the cutest baby hat ever Flore (bluebell) for KassRachel's sproglet-to-be.

We're heading up to Montreal this morning -- it's been raining since I got here (literally, it was raining when I got off the train) so we might not get to enjoy the botanical garden, but there will be a Polish cafe by dinner time.

I'm going to try finding a massage place and make an appointment for when we get back. I might as well indulge myself on this trip, since it's all about relaxing and getting over my work-related stress.
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I made Cream of Sorrel soup tonight. It worked out much better than the last time I tried cooking with sorrel -- maybe this particular batch was better quality or something?

It's an interestingly green with a slight lemony taste. It's going on my list of 'green vegetables that are actually tasty'. I might be a supertaster, given how few dark greens I will eat voluntarily and how revolting I find the taste of alcohol...


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