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I made this for Thanksgiving, and it's excellent.

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Batard of white bread, carrot cake cupcake, hazelnut chocolate bearclaw, 1 lb parsnips, ~3lb sweet potato, 1 lb of potato, honeycrisp apple, bosc pears, a batard of white bread, and 1/2 lb of baby ginger.

The sweet potatoes are for the sweet potato pie recipe from Roots: The Definitive Compendium for the Hallloween party Wednesday at work; I have no idea if that'll come off, considering the storm that is barrelling towards us, but if not, I can always eat it myself as it won't require further cooking. The ginger is for the ginger ale recipe from the same book -- [personal profile] ellen_fremedon and I are hosting Thanksgiving together, and I'm definitely doing a soft drink tasting menu. Right now, it's raspberry shrub, homemade ginger, hibiscus agua fresca -- I'm planing to get Fix the Pumps and the soda starter kit from the Art of Drink and bring at least one lactart and one phosphate as well.

I also dumped all the tomato and pepper plants in containers this morning, and brought in all of my pots so that they won't become hazards during the storm. I harvested everything that was at usable size on the plants in the ground, so I have two eggplants, several poblano peppers, a few sweet peppers, a tomato, handful of green beans, and one lone pod from the borlotto beans. I'll make baba ganoush today, and have something edible even if the power goes out for an extended period.

I might hit the grocery after work tomorrow and pick up some granola bars -- they're not super tasty, so I won't be tempted to eat them as snacks, and they are fine without refridgeration -- as back-up rations if the power goes out for a few days.
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1 persimmon, Nittany apples, bartlett pears, 1 lb ground beef, 6 oz feta, pain au chocolate and framboisine.

There was a stand selling quinces, so I might buy one or two next week and bake them.

At the art market, Susquehanna Knitting Company was there this week -- I didn't buy anything, but they had a lovely scarf pattern that I might pick up that used black and varigated yarns to lovely effect.

I also ran into [personal profile] ellen_fremedon -- last week I ran into [ profile] wordplay -- the market seems to be the place to run into people.

I'm thinking about hosting Thanksgiving again this year, and maybe making hasenpfeffer instead of turkey -- there is a vendor who carries whole rabbits, so I could certainly get one or two. I definitely want to try an antique soft drink tasting, so I might do that at the same time.
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I'm going to try to make shrub with the half-pint of raspberries I got yesterday. It's basically mix equal amounts raspberries and vinegar together and let sit (in the fridge) for several days, then boil and add sugar to make a syrup for a primitive soft drink.

I also bought plum yesterday (Black Amber and Stanley) and might experiment with those as well.

Basically, I want to buy the soda kit from The Art of the Drink and experiment with it so that I can serve lactarts, phospates, and shrubs at my next party.


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