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I've been working on Changeling socks for a few weeks now, and frankly, I'm going to have to give up on the heels as written, frog them back to heel beginning, and do them over as short-row heels.

Why? -- because the heels as written have a lot of fabric bunching up on the top of my foot while the fabric stretches tight around my heel on the other side. That's not how socks should fit, especially if they're hand knit and made to measure.

The socks won't be quite as spiffy as they'd be done exactly to the pattern, but they'll fit better.

I'm also tempted to knit the Bigger on the Inside shawl for Con.txt -- it'd probably sell well at the charity auction, but the starting price would be a bit high, given that it is made from 2 skeins of Lorna's Laces Solamente in a custom colorway...
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At the Wednesday night knitting group, I finally finished the Mallorean Trees socks (actually, the Lothlorien pattern by Janel Laidman from The Enchanted Sole, but in a brownish colorway), which required binding off with a sewing needle to get a nice K1P1 ribbing edge.

They look good, though! )

I also started the Jasmine Lace Scarf to go with my Jasmine Lace mitts. In Intense Rainbow! )

Sadly, the ball on Mini Mochi I had had 2 knots in it, which means for my purchase of 2 balls of Mini Mochi, I have 3 knots. That is not a good ratio, and I'm going to have to think pretty hard before I buy another skein of Mini Mochi, even though it has some fabulous colorways and some wonderful patterns written just for it, like the Rainbow Striped Socks or the Rodekool Scarf.
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I'm knitting the Jasmine mitts with Crystal Palace Mini-Mochi (color 101, Intense Rainbow), and since I'm 2/3rds of the way done with the second mitt I find a knot in the yarn.

A knot tying orange to *green*.

Needless to say, *that* will ruin the color progression like a ruin-y thing.

I might be able to salvage things by frogging the mitt completely, turning the yarn around, and knitting it in the other directions, because I cast on at greenish blue.

But this does disrupt my plans to make the niece socks out of Crash Into Ewe's Jewel sock yarn (in Pink Tourmaline). Admittedly, she does wear almost the exact size of shoe I do, so I can finish up the Simplicity Socks and have them ready to give if I can't get the pink socks done in time
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in January and February on knitting cuff-down socks on two circulars.

It will be:

  • small -- 5 or 6 students maximum

  • for Advanced Beginner's or better

  • on Wednesday nights from 7 to 9

  • 4 sessions in 4 weeks

  • starting with a mini-sock/baby sock and advancing from there

I need to write a description of the class for advertising purposes at the shop, and get some notes about sock-knitting together so that I can make handouts for class.

Uhm, wow, I've got a side gig. This is kind of neat (and just a little bit daunting...)
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I'm moving right along on them -- I should be finished with them tomorrow or Friday, and can cast on something else. I'm still not sure what I'll be making The Neice for Christmas, but I do want to make a new set of fingerless mitts for me -- I like this pattern: Jasmine Lace Fingerless Mitt, but I'll have to make more charts, since they only have a chart for the back-of-the-hand lace, and not the diamond-and-ribbing cuff.
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I'm making socks for my niece for Christmas.. using the 'Pink Tourmaline' yarn from Crash Into Ewe's Jewel Collection.

It's shiny! )

Now I'm trying to decide which pattern out of Sock Innovation I should use... I'm thinking Devon might be good, but mostly I want one of the simpler ones without much purling.
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I just got asked if I'd like to teach a class on knitting socks on 2 circulars by the yarn lady at the local gift shop in January.

Uhm, squee!

I'll have to figure out what sock book would be best, and then corral my knitting friends and work out a lesson plan. I think knitting an in-class mini-sock would be a good idea, but really, it's a simple technique to pick up if you already know how to knit socks.

If you just know how to knit, it might be trickier, especially if you've only knit flat before... I need to think what the prerequisite knitting skills have to be: knitting in the round, knitting socks (cause heels are tricky if you've never done them before) or just flat knitting.
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I suspect I'll be turning the heel on these by the weekend, if the buses keep being ice-cold over-aircondtioned in the mornings and afternoons... I'll have to keep knitting on the project that is actually *warm* in my hands.
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I've finished and sewn up the toe on the first Goldfish sock

It's really adorable ... goldfish sock! )

I certainly have enough sock yarn to complete every pattern in these books...
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Went to [personal profile] synecdochic's Stitch n Bitch with [personal profile] hilarytamar, [personal profile] zvi, and [personal profile] squirelawrence (hurray for Zipcars!). I brought a bunch of donut peaches, but there was a ton of food already.

I'm finished on the first goldfish sock, except for the grafting, and I tried a gauge swatch for the Lost Points shawl -- I'm going down to size 6 needles and trying again tomorrow.

I'm going to ask for the recipe for the polenta fries,since they were pretty good and seem like excellent party food.
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my copy of Interweave Knits, Autumn 2009 arrived yesterday. I'm not thrilled with most of the projects, since there seem to be a lot of cropped-waists and shaping that is flattering to the smaller women. The Scoop Pullover, with its welted bust, is a particularly noticeable offender, from my perspective.

However, the cover sweater is really pretty, the Farmer's Market Cardigan has kangaroo pockets *and* darts, and the Every Way Wrap is reversible and can be a wrap, srhug, vest,or shawl-collared cardigan depending on how it is buttoned.

But the best pattern in my opinion is the Bandelier Socks -- I am really tempted to make them, especially since the pattern does have notes on how to lengthen them appropriately...
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I'm almost to the end of the first goldfish sock, but it got so muggy today that I didn't want to do any knitting on the way. I hope that I can get some done tomorrow and over the weekend and get my summer projects back on track...
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The heel modifications seem to have worked on the Koi socks I'm working on. I anticipate being finished with the first sock sometime this week.
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Using the Koi pattern and Regia Cotton in a Java colorway, I've started on goldfish socks for me! )

I'm not entirely sure how fishy they'll end up, put it's a decent attempt, anyway.
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I think I'll make myself another pair of Koi, this time out of Regia Cotton in this Java colorway -- it looks sufficiently goldfish-y, no?

One down!

Jun. 2nd, 2009 08:23 pm
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[personal profile] mrshamill's first sock is finished.

It's pretty! )

Now I just need to start the other one.
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Pretty good for only 80 minutes a day, at most, huh?

Finished gusset, moving towards toe at a high clip )
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I finished the heel on [personal profile] mrshamill's sock this afternoon. I'd forgotten how *square* the heel comes out with this pattern -- possibly because it was translated out of German, and that's the preferred heel there?

Square heel is square! )

I also used the eye-of-partridge stitch to give the heel some extra firmness.

Only a couple of more days, and the first sock will be done
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I don't need to make the Kniestrümpfe socks again, do I? They're so pretty and tempting, and I'm a much better knitter than I was when I made this pattern years ago...

But I still have weirdly wobbly ankles and calf muscles that no one accounts for in writing sock patterns. But I have two 100g balls of Regia cotton/wool sock yarn in white, so... maybe?
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One nice thing about knitting a plain sock is that it goes much faster than one with a fancy stitch pattern.

In other words, almost four inches already ) And the yarn pattern came out rather pretty, didn't it?

I'll probably be ready to start the heel flap by tomorrow evening.


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