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At the Wednesday night knitting group, I finally finished the Mallorean Trees socks (actually, the Lothlorien pattern by Janel Laidman from The Enchanted Sole, but in a brownish colorway), which required binding off with a sewing needle to get a nice K1P1 ribbing edge.

They look good, though! )

I also started the Jasmine Lace Scarf to go with my Jasmine Lace mitts. In Intense Rainbow! )

Sadly, the ball on Mini Mochi I had had 2 knots in it, which means for my purchase of 2 balls of Mini Mochi, I have 3 knots. That is not a good ratio, and I'm going to have to think pretty hard before I buy another skein of Mini Mochi, even though it has some fabulous colorways and some wonderful patterns written just for it, like the Rainbow Striped Socks or the Rodekool Scarf.
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So, I pulled out my other ball of Crystal Palace Mini Mochi in 'Intense Rainbow' to make the Jasmine Lace Scarf to match my Jasmine Lace Mitts -- but I noticed a knot under the first layer of yarn.

Since you can usually match up the yarn and smooth out color gradations by careful splicing, I peeled off the first layer, untied the knot (greenish yellow to orange), and looked at the other end to see if I could match the colors up better -- which I could.

Except in the course of rewinding the ball, I found another knot, blue to purple. Two knots in one 50 gram ball is ridiculous -- one knot you do occasionally get, but I had a knot in the other ball of this yarn that I used to make my Jasmine Mitts.

Has anyone else worked with Mini Mochi? Are knots common? I don't mind an occasional knot, but 3 knots per 2 balls is not a good ratio!


Sep. 28th, 2011 09:18 pm
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I must have miscalculated somewhere, since I'm rapidly approaching the end of [personal profile] sanj's sweater and even more rapidly running out of yarn. I was sure I ordered more yarn than the pattern called for, just to hedge against such a situation, but somehow, I don't seem to have enough. I'm now asking around on Ravelry to see if people with the correct color of the yarn are willing to sell me extras out of their stash.

This means [personal profile] sanj's sweater is on hold for the moment, while I work on some Fetching mitts for my aunt. I'm also looking at my stash and wondering if she, or anyone in the family, would like a Sariel shawl in Indiecita colorway from Malabrigo. Photos don't do justice to how pretty the colorway is -- it's got a lovely shimmery quality, like the mist rainbow from a waterfall.

I'm also looking at starting some more Baby Alligator scarves for my baby cousins -- I'll have to pick out colors -- and eventually start the Icarus shawl for [personal profile] sanj, since I have the 1000 yards of cobweb-weight she bought for it before she moved north. Fortunately, it's top-down, so if I begin to run out of yarn, I can just rip back and make it a little shorter.

I'm also looking at purchasing the Eyjafjallajökull and Irtfa'a patterns for myself


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