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Found my copy of the Baby Alligator Scarf pattern. Now I can make one for [personal profile] molly_o's BG, and for my two youngest cousins-once-removed. I'll have to figure out some alternative to wool, since the smallest cousin is living in SoCal last I heard, and will not actually need a warm scarf come winter.

I also found my copy of Interweave Summer 2002 with the Annie Modesitt linen hat patterns -- the Garden Party Chapeau and Spectator Hat. I also have her Knitting Millinery, and plan to make several hats this year.

Now I just need to find my issue of Interweave Summer 2006 so I can make the Icarus shawl for [personal profile] sanj and get started on the sleeves for her Decimal cardigan.
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I only have one ball left on the muffler for [personal profile] twistedchick's Spousal Unit.

It's very shiny )

Since he's allergic to wool, it's done entirely in Ella Rae Silkience
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I *need* to make this -- the Chick Scarf.

But who should I give it to..?
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It's in the 80 (Fahrenheit) today, so I need to start prioritizing my summer knitting and organize the yarn for the various projects.

I have two scarves to finish and four different pairs of cotton blend socks and a bamboo shawl project to start:

Steve's Muffler -- just one more ball to finish the scarf
Red Tunisian Ascot -- rip it out and start over with a larger hook, and possibly another repeat of the pattern.
Lost Points shawl with SWTC Melody and Bamboo
Hydrangea socks in Patons Stretch
Plain socks in Regia Cotton Tip & Top
Koi in Regia Cotton Java
Chevron in Regia Cotton Surf with a V-heel instead of the 'forethought' heel. It won't look as nifty, but it will fit better.

This is still unlikely to keep me busy during the entire summer, which stretches from mid-May to mid-September at the least.


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