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I went to see Rams at the AFI last night. The description is: 'In a remote Icelandic farming valley, two brothers who haven't spoken in 40 years have to come together in order to save what's dearest to them - their sheep'.

My initial reaction was 'my god, it's Norwegian Bachelor Farmers!', except they're Icelanders. But I was with [personal profile] ellen_fremedon; and the Vegan Knitter, and she agreed it was totally Norwegian Bachelor Farmers. Though when we got to the end, she pointed that once you've run away to the mountains, that's the last step to becoming an outlaw and your story is over; so the ending was perfect, at least in the context of Icelandic sagas.

This afternoon I went to see Chandu the Magician with [personal profile] greenygalas part of the William Cameron Menzies retrospective. It had a good bit of painfully dated orientalism, and a good bit of raygun gothic with a 'death ray' as the central macguffin, but it also had some amazing set design consider it was made in 1932, some nifty special effects (and lots of van de graaf generators and tesla coils) and correct use of 'thou' and 'you' between a master yogi and his student Chandu. You could definitely see the seeds of both the Jedi and Indiana Jones in the movie.

Next up, there's short run of Harryhausen films, including King Kong and Jason and the Argonauts at the AFI that I'm going to go to, and a two-day only run of Project Itoh: Empire of Corpses, which is a steampunk anime alternate history -- 'Ever wonder what the world would be like if the British Empire had been built upon a working class of reanimated corpses?' -- so I will go see it even though it's only showing weekday nights.
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I had plans for today! I was going to go to the farmer's market, then to the Noir City film festival for one movie, and then home to plant one section of fall crops in my garden bed.

But I ran out of spoons at 11 after making myself pancakes. bleagh. I'm going to nap and/or read and see if that helps any. Hopefully I can at least make some lunch for tomorrow so that I don't have to eat canned soup...
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Pink lady apples, 1 lb of quark, scratch cheese, golden thyme, majoram, and rosemary (for the guerilla gardening project), and Girl Scout cookies. Also, a St. Joseph's Day pastry from the gelateria -- also bought a cone of their cherry blossom gelato, but maybe next time.

Started container eggplant, green chile, container tomato, purple tomatillo, and sweet bell pepper seeds over the seedling heat mat. Transfered some peas and fava beans to small container -- I'll plant them next weekend if they continue sprouting well, but since we may have snow on Tuesday, nothing before that.

Not sure where I'm going to put the cucumber and cassabanana plants yet, but they'll be the next on the seedling mat after this batch.

Also, went to Urban Butcher yesterday. The meat cellar is impressive, and their brunch menu tasty. Definitely recommend, though they have almost no vegetarian dishes -- several fish and shellfishes ones, but a vegan is straight out of luck.
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My cellphone, a not-that-smart Samsung sliding-keyboard mode (similar to this)l, has gotten to the point where trying to type the space bar gets me "xczy" and trying to down-arrow gets it to dial '456'.

Obviously, I need to replace it.

I think I have two option:

  • go to the Verizon store, see if I'm due for an upgrade and if I like anything available there

  • find a similar phone online, buy it, and try to move the SIM card myself or find someone to do it for me.

Now, I don't want a smart phone, since basically all I do with my phone is call people and send texts. I don't even want it to play music, since music players are something that I find more annoying that enjoyable; earbuds and I do not get along. But I'd like to hear about if anyone has any experience buying an unlocked phone and using it with their old SIM card.


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