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[personal profile] ellen_fremedon gave me beads made from the lava of Hekla last fall after her trip to Iceland. They're quite nifty and very solid compared to the lava beads available in the local bead shop -- which had a sale right before New Years for inventory reduction, to avoid the weird local tax on shop inventory.

So I made myself a very shiny necklace, using the lava beads, labradorite coin beads, pyrite rounds, coin metal spacers, and a pendant of silver and labradorite.

Seriously, pyrite as jewelry! )

The necklace came out rather lovely, though sadly photos don't quite do it justice, since it's hard to catch the flash (adularescence) in a photo -- the necklace flashes pale bronze-green in light.
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I went to the Jul Silver trunk show at Stitch DC this evening -- and really really want to make a sweater that can use the spiral buttons she makes.

I did buy one of the lace shawl pins -- mine has a clear ring so it doesn't clash with any of my shawls.

I was also impressed with the filigreed bag feet she carries, but I have never made a bag that is anywhere near fancy enough for a set of those... but now I'm wondering what I'd need to make to justify it. Possibly something out of hand-stitched saddle leather...


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