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Bosc pears, pink lady and winesap apples, batard of white bread, homemade jam, chicken empanada and cheese danish. I may go back for the bag of chicken feet (for stock).

I bought a picnic shoulder of Mulefoot pork and three chicken carcasses yesterday at the Silver Spring market that I went to with [personal profile] lavenderliz and her spouse -- the pork is cooking into carnitas now, and I made about 4 quarts of chicken stock last night with carcasses.

[personal profile] greenygal and I went to the Downtown Holiday Market yesterday. I picked up a embroidedered leather cuff and a CD from the Alexandria Kleztet, who were performing live. We kept walking for almost an hour, but before we had seen everything I go so cold I was sluggish and stupid -- we dashed off to Jaleo -- we were in time for the brunch menu, but since the entire point of being down was to try the Clementina holiday menu, we made sad faces and our waitress said she could ask the chefs if they could do the clementine menu early, since it was a dinner only menu. They could, and we had Bombas de la Barcelonetta (mashed potato fritters with a core of goat cheese and Catalan pork sausage), Asparagus, Bacon-Wrapped Dates, Catalan Spinach (spinach sauteed with pine nuts, apples, and raisins) and Pork Belly with Pureed Butternut Squash and Clementines... with a desert of Clementine Shaved Ice over Yogurt Foam with Mint and Olive Oil.

In other words, it was a fabulous meal.

Then we went back to market and I bought gifts for a few people -- fabulous olive oil and some premium chocolate bark -- and two antique Arthur Rackman prints for myself -- Donner and Loge with the Rhinemaidens -- from an antiquarian who had vintage ads, antique book pages matted as prints, and antique maps.

Now, I'm sitting back for today and trying to figure out what the last three people on my Christmas list are getting -- probably donations to charities in their names, since I can't seem to find wish lists in my email folders...


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