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I've got half a skein of Cascade Sock that I was hoping to knit into a pair of Kingdom gloves for myself ... but having finished the palm and started on the fingers on the right-hand glove, I find that the ball is smaller than I expected.

So I'm starting the left glove, and seeing how far I can get with it. If I run out of yarn before I can get both finished with all fingers, I'll rip them back and convert them into fingerless gloves.

I'm amused that Knitty has called this pattern 'extraspicy'. I enjoy the heck out of cabling, so I'm finding it a pretty easy pattern once I get past the short-rows and pick-up at the wrist; I also had to adjust severely because my wrist is a size Small and my knuckles as size Extra-Large by the pattern's measurements. There is almost nothing in this pattern that I haven't done for socks, so I'm wondering what the editors were thinking when they rated it so hard.

[personal profile] texasgrandma do you think Aunt B would like a set? If I can get her hand dimensions, I should be able to knit her a set.
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I finished my Archangel of Mass Transit shawl -- actually, it's the Sariel shawl by Corrine Ferguson, and it's well worth $6 to have the pattern.

Seriously, this was a fun shawl to knit )I'm using the leftover yarn to make another Van Ness crocheted scarf, which looks fairly spectacular in a multicolor like Malabrigo Silky in the 'archangel' colorway.

I'm also finishing up my Ringwood gloves in Malabrigo Worsted in 'snowbird' -- they're incredibly comfortable, and about 75% finished.

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Next up -- Baby Alligator scarf in Cascade Sierra in a bright yellow-green (color 48). If I have to make it shorter because the yardage isn't perfect, I don't think it will matter much, since I'm making it for a baby.
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I'm knitting the Jasmine mitts with Crystal Palace Mini-Mochi (color 101, Intense Rainbow), and since I'm 2/3rds of the way done with the second mitt I find a knot in the yarn.

A knot tying orange to *green*.

Needless to say, *that* will ruin the color progression like a ruin-y thing.

I might be able to salvage things by frogging the mitt completely, turning the yarn around, and knitting it in the other directions, because I cast on at greenish blue.

But this does disrupt my plans to make the niece socks out of Crash Into Ewe's Jewel sock yarn (in Pink Tourmaline). Admittedly, she does wear almost the exact size of shoe I do, so I can finish up the Simplicity Socks and have them ready to give if I can't get the pink socks done in time
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I'm moving right along on them -- I should be finished with them tomorrow or Friday, and can cast on something else. I'm still not sure what I'll be making The Neice for Christmas, but I do want to make a new set of fingerless mitts for me -- I like this pattern: Jasmine Lace Fingerless Mitt, but I'll have to make more charts, since they only have a chart for the back-of-the-hand lace, and not the diamond-and-ribbing cuff.
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in lilac, deep mauve (hollyhock?), and grey-tan. G-Street is the go-to place if you need unusual fabric, as usual. I will be using the Glove.Org method for making duello gloves mixed with the John Koch pattern to hopefully get something that fits me.
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I finally got to a meeting of the Hat Interest study group of my guild today. It was very neat.

We met at the home of the member who is a professional milliner and has an amazing collection of reference material, equipment, and vintage hats.

She's convinced me that it wouldn't be too hard to make myself more tall hats (maybe using the Margo Anderson pattern), and even branch out into different hats.

The demonstration of how to use millinery grosgrain -- it's openweave, so it can be steamed to curve unlike normal grosgrain -- to edge a brim was interesting.

Also, it looks like I may be able to get help taking apart one of my older Bravissimo shirts to make a pattern from it, and maybe even a sewing buddy out of this group, so it was a lot of fun.

I also got some encouragement on the glove-making. I need to go to G-Street and see if I can find interlock knit fabric to make my first attempt at gloves. And maybe I need to pin down one of my friends so that I can use the method to make a pattern, give that standard patterns aren't going to deal with the peculiarities of my hands that well.


Sep. 20th, 2009 08:33 pm
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Threads Magazine has an article on sewing gloves in the current issue -- with downloadable patterns for sewing gloves.

I believe I might have another project for the winter...


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