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A friend and I went to Behnke's today for the orchid clinic. My tiny phalaenopsis orchids are just grocery stores plants, but the woman running the clinic said they were in fairly good condition -- one of them had a purple-ish 'blush' which is common to healthy orchids with high anthocyanin genentics. She changed out the sphagnum moss and said that the one that had already lost its flowers might send out a new spike as it is still flowering season and it did have a terminal and axial bud visible.

So now I have more information about keeping them alive (including don't water until the sphagnum is dry and crunchy as dry Cheerios), so I hope to keep these little plants going. They're certainly a bit of bright cheer -- along with my begonia, which is on its second year -- in the end of winter.

I did pick up a few pansies and johnny-jump-ups to put in the flowerbeds. They won't survive when the summer heat comes, but they'll be a bit of color until then as well.

Also, I did actually smell a wallflower in the greenhouse. It smelled amazing, like a fruit candy!
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Pink lady apples, probiotic raspberry yogurt smoothie, cream, cubalaya eggs (peewee sized, so small batch baking!), pastrami from Urban Butcher (oh nom nom nom!), onion, a head of hydroponic lettuce that I immediately stuck in a pot of dirt, and a six-pot of johnny-jump-ups for [profile] hollimichelle's front flowerbed.

Seed starts

Mar. 9th, 2015 07:11 pm
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Started artichoke and cardoon seeds today. I may have time to vernalize the artichokes, but if not, then someone will get to eat them next year. I'm trying to decide what else I should start, since I only have the one seedling heat mat -- maybe celery and strawberries? Or more pepper cultivars. I want to start peanuts and butterfly weed (asclepias) as well, but I think those will do fine without extra warmth.
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Someone threw half my mint pants, my primrose, all of my smaller strawberries, and my smaller shadbush into the trash and recycling bins today. I managed to rescue a bunch of them, but I'm pretty pissed off.

I'm really afraid it was the groundskeeping staff at my apartment, who have been around pruning (badly) and I generally haven't trusted since they planted rows of boxwoods all over.

So now I have to decide whether it is worth complaining to the housing office, or whether they'll say it's my fault for leaving my outside plants outside over winter.
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Cameo and Jonathon apples -- the Cameos are huge, for cobbler, and the Jonathons are small, for lunch -- onion, turnips, an espresso chocolate cookie, and a 4.5lb stewing chicken, with its feet still on, that will be made into stock overnight and then into chicken and dumplings.

Also picked up seed at the hardware store: bluebonnet, bambini viola, foxglove, snap pea, fava bean, radicchio, artichoke, and cardoon. If I plant the artichokes this weekend, I can vernalize them next month and get a harvest this year. Also found out that Baker Creek has Truly Tiny Bananas among its live plant offerings, and am really tempted to get a pair, as they'd be extremely fun to grow, not to mention tasty.
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Bought eggs, bison ranch steak and hot dogs (for possible cookout), asparagus, a pint of strawberries, lemon verbeena plant, bell pepper plant, cinnamon basil plant, and rosemary plant.
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I went with my neighbor last Saturday to the The Big Plant Sale at Green Spring Gardens. I picked up the horehound I wanted, two more breadbox poppies, three scented geraniums (two Attar-of-Rose, one Chocolate Mint), two Hopi dye amaranth, two mints (spearmint and chocolate mint), pineapple sage, creeping thyme, elfin thyme, Mexican oregano, an obedience plant, and a native foxglove relative.

Sunday I planted and repotted all of the big plants and some of the small ones, including one tomato I got at Sheep and Wool, and some tomatillos and green cotton I grew from seed.

Monday I was sore.
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I transplated the Raspberry Lyanna tomato yesterday, and transferred some of the cucumber and peanut seedlings to actual pots instead of jiffy-pots yesterday. I put four nasturiums into the hanging basket -- hopefully that's early enough for them to develop a decent root system before temperatures get scaldingly hotl.

Today, I planted some hollyhock in some of the planters.

I'm still waiting for more of the peppers to get larger before I put them in the hanging pot. All of the solacaneae are vulnerable to sun scald, so I'm hoping they harden in the next few weeks and then I can really set them out.

The community garden area looks pretty vacant right now, though the parsnips and carrots I planted last year have gotten huge and are about to flower -- oh well, that's what happens when you forget to pick root vegetable. The kale from last year is dead, but it self-seeded and there are a billion kale seedlings growing in that patch. I might also plant some squash, melons, and cassabanana over there to see if anything sticks.
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Cameo apples, lemon bougatsa, pain au chocolate, redbud jam, ground pork, and a dill plant.

I've gotten two of my three seed orders, so I may plant some peanuts, tepary beans, cowpeas, and popcorn later today -- maybe some easter egg radishes and early lettuce, too. I'm going to dedicate the larger garden plot to legumes, maize, and curcubits this year, since it was all solanaceae last year.

Next week is Maryland Sheep and Wool, and I hope to pick up some horehound plants and maybe a breadbox poppy or two since I have no luck growing it from seed.
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Pink lady apples, 1 lb of quark, scratch cheese, golden thyme, majoram, and rosemary (for the guerilla gardening project), and Girl Scout cookies. Also, a St. Joseph's Day pastry from the gelateria -- also bought a cone of their cherry blossom gelato, but maybe next time.

Started container eggplant, green chile, container tomato, purple tomatillo, and sweet bell pepper seeds over the seedling heat mat. Transfered some peas and fava beans to small container -- I'll plant them next weekend if they continue sprouting well, but since we may have snow on Tuesday, nothing before that.

Not sure where I'm going to put the cucumber and cassabanana plants yet, but they'll be the next on the seedling mat after this batch.

Also, went to Urban Butcher yesterday. The meat cellar is impressive, and their brunch menu tasty. Definitely recommend, though they have almost no vegetarian dishes -- several fish and shellfishes ones, but a vegan is straight out of luck.
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Eating and baking apples, locally tapped fancy grade maple syrup (for an attempt at maple marshmallows), 4oz of mushrooms, a mini-quiche, and a framboisine.

Also picked up canned sardines and salmon at the Whole Foods -- the idea of getting more vitamin D in my diet might be a non-starter, considering how expensive fish is, especially sustainably harvested fish.

Made pitas, though they puffed poorly -- my oven runs about 50 to 100 degrees cooler than whatever I set it to, according to my oven thermometer. I might have to try the skillet method. I'll make quinoa with salmon and chard; the recipe is pretty tasty.

Also, the celery seeds I planted two weeks ago have sprouted, and I have teeny tiny celery plants growing on my windowsill. I'm not planting them for at least another two weeks, though, because our weather has been up and down all month and we're likely to have snow again on Monday. I started fava beans and sweet peas today -- if they sprout I'll put them out next weekend. In a few days, I'll start some of my pepper seeds, and maybe some tomatoes and eggplants too.
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I spent last night and tonight making a spreadsheet of all the seed packets I have, with the suggested start date and sowing method. I have over 60 different cultivars as a seeds -- sometimes multiple cultivars of the same plant, like 7 differernt kinds of pepper (hot, sweet, and chile) and at least 4 kinds of tomatoe, and I haven't even found all my seed packets from the brand that carries European cultivars yet.

Maybe I really should look into trying to get a plot at the community garden that is slightly less than a mile from my place. It's only $35 for a 200 square foot plot, and in summer I would probably have the energy to go work on it, what with there actually being sunlight when after work...
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Garlic, mozarella, weisswurst, cilantro, carrotcake cupcake, and meadowfoam honey.

Also, picked up another 12 oz of tomatillos and made salsa verde yesterday -- got 6 8-oz jars from one recipe. That used up the last of my homegrown tomatillos, and I cut most of the plants down as well. Friday I'm taking a day off, and will probably turn over the beds and put in collards, tatsoi, lettuce, and chard.

I still have the last of the peppers and eggplants to harvest, and the potato tubs to turn out. It'll be interesting to see what did well and what didn't. The lulo have suffered a lot of leaf damage from the cold, and I don't think I'll get any fruit from them this year; they'd probably do better in [personal profile] texasgrandma's garden, but I don't have any seed left. The green chiles were a great success, and the tomatillos as well, but I need to cage the tomatillos really agressively, because they spread like they're trying to acheive treehood. The tomatoes this year were pretty varied, but I really liked the Abraham Lincoln - it is a fantastic slicer, as adveristed -- and the Sungold cherry. The Great White was as low-acid as I was told but I think the taste suffered a lot by that. Paul Robeson and Black Krim were tasty, but not terribly productive; they might have been too close to other tomatoes, though.


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