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Olive bread, spanakopita, pita bread, melitzano salata all from Baklava Couture; black pepper chevre, alpsiago (asiago-style) cheese both from Shepherd's Whey Creamery; strawberries, pink lady apples, an ear of popcorn; batard of sourdough from Atwater's; burrata ravioli, fresh fettuccine, and mushroom ragu from Cucinia al Volo as part of their market deal.

Also picked up the following seedlings:
creeping thyme
two Purple Blush tomatillo
two Purple Beauty bell peppers
two fish hot peppers
a Czech black hot pepper
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Magness pears, asian pear, honeycrisp and arkansas apples, quince, persimmons, kkakdugi kimchi (I've been eating it for breakfast!), black pepper chevre, dill quark, a quart of cream, a half-pint of chocolate milk, asian eggplants, oyster mushrooms, figs, a potato, olive bread, melomakarona, pumpkin spice chocolate olive oil cake, and bougasta.

I'm going to try making doenjangguk -- fermented soybean paste soup -- tomorrow. The version in my cookbook uses clams as the protein, but I think I'll be fine with tofu and extra mushrooms.
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Bougasta, kkakdugi kimchi, sons kimchi (both from No. 1 Sons), pork belly, beef chuck, 6.5 lbs of magness pears (for jam and conserve! also eating), figs, pawpaws, honeycrisp and crimson crisp apples.

I'm going to try to make kimchi jjigae (kimchi stew with pork belly) from Robin Ha's Cook Korean! I really don't have the jars to make kimchi at home (yet) so I figured I'd just buy it from the professional. Also, japchae eventually, so I'm going to cut the chuck and the pork belly into 8 oz sections -- you don't need much for the Korean recipes.

Also, I got buttonholed by a journalism student at Baklava Couture and wound up on camera answering a few questions about why I was buying a Greek pastry; I hope I pronounced everything I mentioned right, but I generally flip syllables on the long names if I'm not actually looking at the name of the pastry.
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Cherry tomatoes, beets, asian eggplant, black pepper chevre, 8 oz of shiitake, lion's mane, and oyster mushrooms, arlet, pink flesh, and northern spy apples, magness pears, lemon jewel melon, canteloupe, kkakdugi kimchi (radish), red-and-butter pickle, garlic, mozzarella, basil, and a ripe tomato.

Making toasted caprese sandwich for dinner.
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Japanese eggplant, figs, chevre, chicken empanda, 3 lbs nectarines, 3 lbs prune plums, 4 oz oyster mushrooms, 2lb kabocha squash, and a dozen eggs.

I'm planning to make a nectarine-lime jam and a plum ginger conserve this week.
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Oriental eggplants, prune plums, sweet potatoes, and blackberries.

I will be making pie for a Labor Day bbq, and I'm going to try to make kolache, either prune or date-almond.

Also, the drive band on my Majacraft wheel snapped, and since it's a discontinued model, I'm having to ask around to see who can get me a replacement. Hopefully it won't be too ridiculous, but so far the only supplier I've found is in Canada.
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Pink lady apples, probiotic raspberry yogurt smoothie, cream, cubalaya eggs (peewee sized, so small batch baking!), pastrami from Urban Butcher (oh nom nom nom!), onion, a head of hydroponic lettuce that I immediately stuck in a pot of dirt, and a six-pot of johnny-jump-ups for [profile] hollimichelle's front flowerbed.
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Cameo and Jonathon apples -- the Cameos are huge, for cobbler, and the Jonathons are small, for lunch -- onion, turnips, an espresso chocolate cookie, and a 4.5lb stewing chicken, with its feet still on, that will be made into stock overnight and then into chicken and dumplings.

Also picked up seed at the hardware store: bluebonnet, bambini viola, foxglove, snap pea, fava bean, radicchio, artichoke, and cardoon. If I plant the artichokes this weekend, I can vernalize them next month and get a harvest this year. Also found out that Baker Creek has Truly Tiny Bananas among its live plant offerings, and am really tempted to get a pair, as they'd be extremely fun to grow, not to mention tasty.
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Croissant, sfogliatelle, honeycrisp apples, bosc and bartlett pears, chestnuts, loose sweet Italian sausage, and fresh-shelled black beans.

I might make the black beans into a Cuban dish, or maybe just cook them with bacon grease. I am planning on canning the bosc pears with vinegar and spices.

Also, I've acquired a copy of Roman Cookery: Ancient Recipes for Modern Kitchens, and I'm hoping to experiment with it, especially the bread and grain recipes.
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Bought eggs, bison ranch steak and hot dogs (for possible cookout), asparagus, a pint of strawberries, lemon verbeena plant, bell pepper plant, cinnamon basil plant, and rosemary plant.
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Cameo apples, lemon bougatsa, pain au chocolate, redbud jam, ground pork, and a dill plant.

I've gotten two of my three seed orders, so I may plant some peanuts, tepary beans, cowpeas, and popcorn later today -- maybe some easter egg radishes and early lettuce, too. I'm going to dedicate the larger garden plot to legumes, maize, and curcubits this year, since it was all solanaceae last year.

Next week is Maryland Sheep and Wool, and I hope to pick up some horehound plants and maybe a breadbox poppy or two since I have no luck growing it from seed.
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Pink lady apples, 1 lb of quark, scratch cheese, golden thyme, majoram, and rosemary (for the guerilla gardening project), and Girl Scout cookies. Also, a St. Joseph's Day pastry from the gelateria -- also bought a cone of their cherry blossom gelato, but maybe next time.

Started container eggplant, green chile, container tomato, purple tomatillo, and sweet bell pepper seeds over the seedling heat mat. Transfered some peas and fava beans to small container -- I'll plant them next weekend if they continue sprouting well, but since we may have snow on Tuesday, nothing before that.

Not sure where I'm going to put the cucumber and cassabanana plants yet, but they'll be the next on the seedling mat after this batch.

Also, went to Urban Butcher yesterday. The meat cellar is impressive, and their brunch menu tasty. Definitely recommend, though they have almost no vegetarian dishes -- several fish and shellfishes ones, but a vegan is straight out of luck.
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Eating and baking apples, locally tapped fancy grade maple syrup (for an attempt at maple marshmallows), 4oz of mushrooms, a mini-quiche, and a framboisine.

Also picked up canned sardines and salmon at the Whole Foods -- the idea of getting more vitamin D in my diet might be a non-starter, considering how expensive fish is, especially sustainably harvested fish.

Made pitas, though they puffed poorly -- my oven runs about 50 to 100 degrees cooler than whatever I set it to, according to my oven thermometer. I might have to try the skillet method. I'll make quinoa with salmon and chard; the recipe is pretty tasty.

Also, the celery seeds I planted two weeks ago have sprouted, and I have teeny tiny celery plants growing on my windowsill. I'm not planting them for at least another two weeks, though, because our weather has been up and down all month and we're likely to have snow again on Monday. I started fava beans and sweet peas today -- if they sprout I'll put them out next weekend. In a few days, I'll start some of my pepper seeds, and maybe some tomatoes and eggplants too.
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Apples, goat cheese curds, tatsoi.

Swiss chard and sockeye salmon from the Whole Foods for this recipe. If I have to change my diet to get more Vitamin D, that dish is pretty tasty, but sustainably fished salmon is at least as expensive as pasture-fed bison...
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Apples, goat cheese curds, carrot cake cupcake, ham & cheese croissant, and challah bread. Also picked up seed packets, oven, room and soil thermometer, and a bag of nylar seed at the hardware store.

Making German Potato Salad with mulefoot pork bacon.
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Garlic, mozarella, weisswurst, cilantro, carrotcake cupcake, and meadowfoam honey.

Also, picked up another 12 oz of tomatillos and made salsa verde yesterday -- got 6 8-oz jars from one recipe. That used up the last of my homegrown tomatillos, and I cut most of the plants down as well. Friday I'm taking a day off, and will probably turn over the beds and put in collards, tatsoi, lettuce, and chard.

I still have the last of the peppers and eggplants to harvest, and the potato tubs to turn out. It'll be interesting to see what did well and what didn't. The lulo have suffered a lot of leaf damage from the cold, and I don't think I'll get any fruit from them this year; they'd probably do better in [personal profile] texasgrandma's garden, but I don't have any seed left. The green chiles were a great success, and the tomatillos as well, but I need to cage the tomatillos really agressively, because they spread like they're trying to acheive treehood. The tomatoes this year were pretty varied, but I really liked the Abraham Lincoln - it is a fantastic slicer, as adveristed -- and the Sungold cherry. The Great White was as low-acid as I was told but I think the taste suffered a lot by that. Paul Robeson and Black Krim were tasty, but not terribly productive; they might have been too close to other tomatoes, though.
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Mozarella, muscadine grapes, bone-in pork shoulder (on sale!), apples, pears, bagette (more Caprese sandwiches), elephant garlic, Parisian macarons (for a friend), and a Greek custard pastry that I didn't get the name of.

Also, the vintage store Bespoke Not Broke was at the Fenton Street Market today -- I got a corduroy jacket. He might have a Gloverall duffle coat that fits me, which would be nice; my current duffle coat is worn through, and needs replacing. I've been considering Original Montgomery duffles, which are quite expensive, but not as expensive as buying a coat from Vigilante Labs or one the seamstresses who come to the Craft2Wear show.
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Honeycrisp apples, bartlett pears, apple chausson, raisin walnut danish, and a 2.5 lb whole rabbit -- it was a lot less expensive than the bison and pork available by the time I got to the market, and I'm marinating it for hasenpfeffer as we speak. I may make spƤtzle, if I can find my ricer.
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3lb roasting chicken (the biggest one they had this week!), hot Italian sausage made with goat meat, ciabatta bread (for toasted Caprese sandwiches), 2 heads of German hardneck garlic, donut peaches, honeycrisp apples, figs, seedless grapes, smoked mozarella, ricotta, and nectarines.

I need to pick up some lemons for the chicken, but if the milk hasn't gone off, I have everything I need for my Labor Day cook-in!
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4 oz ranch steak, apples, donut peaches, nectarine, almond macaroons, seedless grapes, purple potatoes, and figs.


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