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Bought apricots, plums, nectarines, snap peas, and two pepper plants yesterday at the SS market. Went to the Takoma market this morning, and got 2 dozen eggs (smalls and extra-larges), bread, raspberries, blueberries, chicken feet (stock!), quark (plain, but I can add herbs), a small sweet pepper, and a quart of whole milk. Fruit at the Takoma market is 50ยข to $1 cheaper per pound, so if I buy enough to eat for a week and to make ice cream, it makes sense to pay the $3.20 round trip to get there by bus.

I also picked up a pot and saucer and two tomato plants at the Ace Hardware. When I got home, I planted the tomatoes in the ground and transplanted the Labrador violet into the pot and brought it inside. The violet was looking fried, so I'm thinking it might do better inside. Hopefully I ripped up enough mint that the one tomato plant will be okay; one of my neighbors planted spearmint in the flower bed, and now it's taken over a 2' by 4' block. It'll be a pain to eradicate, but that's my plan for this fall and (probably) next spring. You can't let mint go in the ground, since mints are allopathic and will kill everything in their path.

I'm going to make raspberry ice cream this afternoon, because the raspberries got smushed. I need to make something with the Montmorecy cherries from last week -- maybe I'll pit them and save them in batches, because it looks like cherries are done for the season (which is ridiculously early, but we had because in mid-June, instead of mid-August). I also have gooseberries from last week, that I could make into pie or crumble or fool -- fool would be the easiest, but least likely to travel well to a 4th of July party.
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Persimmons, red bartlett pears, winter banana and nittany apples, a dozen medium eggs, batard of white bread, quart of creamline milk, chicken empanada, cheese danish, and quart of honeycrisp apple cider.

Made garden huckleberry pie yesterday. Used the Renaissance Pastry recipe from Shakespeare's Kitchen for the crusts. Pie is very very purple .

Also made Dark Pork Stock using bone from a pork shoulder, meaty neck bones, and trotters (very cheap!). Almost too much stock to deal with, but I'll make French Onion Soup with some and reduce and freeze the rest.
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The recipe for spiced dark chocolate pudding was very easy and reminds me of just how good made-from-scratch pudding is.

Next time I need to use up milk, I'm making this and putting it in small plastic dishes so I can pack it in my lunch box.
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This weekend I'm trying some more experimental baking -- lots of recipes out of Shakespeare's Kitchen.

This one is a desert recipe adapted from a period side dish from Lombardy -- sweet beets with crystalized ginger and creme fraiche.


6 small golden or red beets, peeled and grated (about 2 or 3 cups?)
2 tablespoons honey
2 tablespoons butter, melted
1/4 teaspoon ground cinnamon
1 package frozen puff-pastry shells (6 shells)
1/2 cup creme fraiche
2 tablespoons crystalized ginger

Shredding the beets in my tiny food processor seemed to work, but they do bleed everywhere )
The honey I used was purple aster honey from Bees and Blossoms, who were at the winter farmer market this year. It's slightly spicy, and good for pairing with stronger flavors.

Once the beets are baked, they definitely need to be drained or they're too messy in the pastry shells -- but I think this would make a nice party dish, if I can bake the beets and shells beforehand and just assembly the pastries right before serving.

They're certainly pretty -- and tasty too. )
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My cookbook described this as 'essentially, a large sweet pancake baked with fruit'

It is not. It is more like a custard tart -- a custard tart of utter scrumptiousness )
The batter is eggs, flour, lots of cream and milk, a pinch of salt and a bit of vanilla. It's very simple. But layered over the fruit and baked, it's heavenly )

Dusting it with powdered sugar was not neccessary. Can you get anything better than this? )


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