Jan. 1st, 2014 02:38 pm
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Pear cider cardamom caramels are a thing! Take Smitten Kitchen's apple cider caramel recipe, switch pear cider for apple cider and three ground cardamom pods for the cinnamon, and it totally works!
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Sour Cherry Pie with Leaf Lard Crust

Success! The pie is fantastic, the crust is flaky and light, and I think I need to get a set of pie weights, because pre-baking the crust with white beans to weigh is down only kind of worked.

I followed this recipe -- New Twice Baked Sour Cherry Pie -- though without the brandy, and it is a fantastically tasty thing. The cherries are tart and tasty, as they are the same kind of tart cherries that are made into maraschino, but without the over-sweetness from the preservation, the flavor really comes through.

I used the leaf lard I rendered myself and it worked wonderfully, even though I don't have a food processor and had to cut all the fat -- the lard and the butter -- into the crust by hand. Also, I added a bit more instant tapioca than the recipe calls for, but I really dislike runny pies. This is not a runny pie; it is a fantastic pie!
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I'm using this recipe by Melissa Clark. Isued this weight-to-volume converter to figure out how much of the leaf lard I needed, because it wasn't in a nice pre-measured form, and neither was the butter.

So far I've made the crust and but it in the fridge -- it might have been easier with a food processor, but I managed with a sifter, a bowl, and a pastry cutter. The crust dough has a texture slightly better than the quark cheesecake dough, slightly sticky but malleable, like children's molding clay.

Tomorrow, I'll bake the crust -- maybe use rice as pie weights? -- and then the pie. I won't be using kirsch or brandy, but maybe I'll add a dash of Mexican vanilla...
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I had to mash up two recipes -- this one and this one -- and add some raisin to fill out the gooseberries, but I have acheived gooseberry pie! weee!

Tomorrow it will be an herb tart to use the other half of the pastry dough recipe.


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