crafty_packrat: V-stitch crochet (crochet)
I should plan some crochet projects now that it's getting cool... maybe the Square Hole Hat, since I have the yarn to do it and the accompanying half-mittens.
crafty_packrat: V-stitch crochet (crochet)
I'm experimenting a little with some lace stitches, and I'm coming to the conclusion that a dense pattern might be better for a snood than an airy open one. I want something that has *some* shape, after all, and the openwork I tried looks like it wouldn't hold up very well over the course of use.

Maybe some offset V-stitches or shells will be better...
crafty_packrat: V-stitch crochet (crochet)
I found the two balls of Katia Linen I bought last year. It's a cotton/linen blend that should yield quite crisp stitches for the snood I agreed to make for [personal profile] sanj. I haven't found any crochet patterns that I really like that would work yet, so I think I'll pack one of the balls tomorrow and experiment with some stitches.

I think I'll be making it top down, and possibly quite lacy, and with a band that she can run either elastic or a ribbon through to secure it.


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