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In other words, I've received something of a windfall in that a package from my father showed up on my doorstep this afternoon.

A packaged containing two pheasant tails and some extra feathers. )

Unlike the last time Dad tried to give me a pheasant tail, these are nicely dried and clean -- with birds, it's vitally important to get all the fatty tissue, like the oil gland, off the skin. Once that's done, with a bit of care, the skin dries into something rather like parchment without the need for extensive tanning steps.

I'm thinking I'll use them in hat-making, because seriously, some of the feathers are over two feet long.
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[personal profile] holli came over this morning, and we made her a short half-circle cape for her costume as Misfit of the Birds of Prey. At first, I looked at Instructables, and while they do have a superhero cape instructable, it's not right for Misfit.

Instead, we used the directions from The Medieval Tailor's Assistant for a half-circle cloak, and just made it short -- partly because the fabric was only 45 inches wide, and not much yardage...

First, we pressed the fabric )

Then we laid the two fabrics together and pinned them so that we cut both at the same timecause we're lazy  )

Then we marked the neck -- 15 cm along one selvedge -- and used that mark to measure radially around the fabric to mark the edge of the cape.Your geometry class was good for something! Who knew? )

After marking, we pinned and cut the fabric.Fun with scissors! )

[personal profile] holli sewed the hems using [personal profile] sanj's sewing machine. It is a heavy, nigh-indestructible Singer from the 1960's and heavy! )

Then I pressed the fabric again )

[personal profile] holli cut notches around the curved hem, and then turned the cape inside out through the neck )

I pressed the cape again see what I said about using your iron? )

It's a perfectly serviceable cape for Misfit! Very cute!

I kind of want to do another easy project. Maybe another cape, or a Sanuk Jacket from Mekong River Textiles...


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