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I made Strawberry Vanilla Jam tonight, with limes instead of lemons... because the store didn't have organic lemons. If I'm going to put zest into a food, I prefer that there's no chance of pesticides going into the food.

Any the yield was 2 pint jars, 2 half-pint jars, and 2 quarter-pint jars of strawberry vanilla jam... one of those pint jars will go to the Ag Fair, but the rest..? Will get distributed at whim, probably. I have promised [personal profile] texasgrandma that I will label anything else I send her, instead of mystery ketchup, but that's all.
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Finally made the doenjangguk that I was planning to make this weekend. I did substitute the acorn squash I grew in my garden for zucchini, which was a substitution suggested by Maangchi. It was good, and definitely an option to repeat when squashes are cheap and plentiful in autumn and early winter.

Fresh littleneck clams aren't exactly cheap, though, and I'm trying to come up with a substitute that has a similar taste and texture profile.
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Made japchae today -- sweet potato noodles with stir-fry vegetables and slivers of beef chuck.

It was pretty easy and very tasty. Next time I think I'll use frozen spinach though, so that I don't have to fiddle with blanching it.
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I made kimchi stew following the recipe from Robin Ha's Cook Korean! and had it for lunch. The only variation I made to it was I used kimchi from No 1 Sons instead of making it myself, I had to use some of the kimchi juice from the kkakdugi kimchi I also bought because I didn't have enough juice from the regular kimchi, and I used extra-firm tofu instead of firm tofu. Next time I might try it with white kimchi, and add onions or scallions.

It's really good, but it will clear your sinuses.
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Today I made hobakjuk (sweet pumpkin/kabocha porridge) using the recipe from Robin Ha's Cook Korean! It was really simple and easy. I might mix it up a little next time and substitute honey for the sugar, as I actually have pumpkin honey from the Bee Folks.

She has an occasional webcomic -- Banchan in 2 pages -- if you'd like to try one of her recipes without buying the book. I picked up one of her Banchan in 2 pages minicomics at SPX this past weekend.

My rice balls (ongsimi) dissolved a bit more than I think they were supposed to, but all in all, it was a decent lunch. I'd cut the sugar by a third next time I make it, though.
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Croissant, sfogliatelle, honeycrisp apples, bosc and bartlett pears, chestnuts, loose sweet Italian sausage, and fresh-shelled black beans.

I might make the black beans into a Cuban dish, or maybe just cook them with bacon grease. I am planning on canning the bosc pears with vinegar and spices.

Also, I've acquired a copy of Roman Cookery: Ancient Recipes for Modern Kitchens, and I'm hoping to experiment with it, especially the bread and grain recipes.
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Pasta Con Sarde via [personal profile] ellen_fremedon

Ingredients )

Directions )
This can easily be doubled, and is pretty tasty. I think I'll see about planting some fennel in the garden so that I have some on hand easily.
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Apples, goat cheese curds, tatsoi.

Swiss chard and sockeye salmon from the Whole Foods for this recipe. If I have to change my diet to get more Vitamin D, that dish is pretty tasty, but sustainably fished salmon is at least as expensive as pasture-fed bison...
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Apples, goat cheese curds, carrot cake cupcake, ham & cheese croissant, and challah bread. Also picked up seed packets, oven, room and soil thermometer, and a bag of nylar seed at the hardware store.

Making German Potato Salad with mulefoot pork bacon.


Jan. 1st, 2014 02:38 pm
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Pear cider cardamom caramels are a thing! Take Smitten Kitchen's apple cider caramel recipe, switch pear cider for apple cider and three ground cardamom pods for the cinnamon, and it totally works!


Dec. 18th, 2013 06:43 pm
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So I made the apple cider caramels, but I forgot to put in the cinnamon and salt at the end.

I have a block of something that has the consistency of taffy and is very tasty, but I think I'll try it again and remember to salt them next time. These are going to be wrapped and brought to the holiday potluck at work.
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Okay, gougères are ridiculously tasty. I think I have an new go-to party recipe, especially if they're as good when they're room temperature as they are fresh out of the oven. Of course, that means that I have to not eat them all, which is going to be hard.

Also, they're pretty darned easy to make, compared to some other bread-type food.
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Garlic, mozarella, weisswurst, cilantro, carrotcake cupcake, and meadowfoam honey.

Also, picked up another 12 oz of tomatillos and made salsa verde yesterday -- got 6 8-oz jars from one recipe. That used up the last of my homegrown tomatillos, and I cut most of the plants down as well. Friday I'm taking a day off, and will probably turn over the beds and put in collards, tatsoi, lettuce, and chard.

I still have the last of the peppers and eggplants to harvest, and the potato tubs to turn out. It'll be interesting to see what did well and what didn't. The lulo have suffered a lot of leaf damage from the cold, and I don't think I'll get any fruit from them this year; they'd probably do better in [personal profile] texasgrandma's garden, but I don't have any seed left. The green chiles were a great success, and the tomatillos as well, but I need to cage the tomatillos really agressively, because they spread like they're trying to acheive treehood. The tomatoes this year were pretty varied, but I really liked the Abraham Lincoln - it is a fantastic slicer, as adveristed -- and the Sungold cherry. The Great White was as low-acid as I was told but I think the taste suffered a lot by that. Paul Robeson and Black Krim were tasty, but not terribly productive; they might have been too close to other tomatoes, though.
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I'm trying the braised cabbage with apples and sausages recipe with a red cabbage tonight -- I've only ever made it with green cabbage before, so it may or may not work.

Wish me luck!

... Lard

Oct. 26th, 2013 03:24 pm
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Splendid Table is talking about lard this afternoon, and mentioned lard caramels. I have several tablespoons of leaf lard in the freezer, and this sounds like a tempting recipe -- lard caramels.

I'm also considering that the next time I get a pork shoulder from Many Rocks farm, I should just trim and save the fat and wet-render it for later.
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This is the family hasenpfeffer recipe, from [personal profile] texasgrandma's mother -- she used to make it for Christmas dinner, along with ham and turkey.

Hasenpfeffer )
Makes 4 to 6 servings, depending on size of rabbit
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3lb roasting chicken (the biggest one they had this week!), hot Italian sausage made with goat meat, ciabatta bread (for toasted Caprese sandwiches), 2 heads of German hardneck garlic, donut peaches, honeycrisp apples, figs, seedless grapes, smoked mozarella, ricotta, and nectarines.

I need to pick up some lemons for the chicken, but if the milk hasn't gone off, I have everything I need for my Labor Day cook-in!
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I made Caprese sandwiches using this recipe -- it worked out well, though I think slightly fresher bread and two garlic heads, not one, would be ideal.

But I tested the slicing on my Abraham Lincoln cultivar tomatoess, and they really do slice wonderfully well. I think I might plant more of them next year!
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Donut peaches, yellow nectarine (for clatoufi), Zestar apples, ground cherries, two small green peppers, and two apple-walnut danish.

Sometime this week, I will make pizza with all the tomatoes that I've been picking -- my Debarao tomato has been really productive, and it's a plum-paste type.
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A quart of strawberries, a pint of sweet peas, 4 chicken breasts, 3 osso bucco cuts.

Picked up 2 zucchini plants and 2 cucumbers in flower at the Whole Foods (maybe they're prickly enough that they won't get eaten in the community garden), plus a can of diced tomatoes with green chiles and other ingridients for this tortilla soup recipe. Also bought way more lemons than I expected too, since they were only selling organic lemons in 2lb bags -- I guess I'll finally try the leaf-lard crust and the Shaker lemon pie recipes.

Currently grinding black pepper to make Baharat for Jidi Bel Zet.

I have reached the point in the summer where there is too much food available, esepcially greens. It is very much a first world problem, but it does me I won't have to cook for a week and a half if I make these three things (soup, pie, meat dish) this weekend.


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