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I made Strawberry Vanilla Jam tonight, with limes instead of lemons... because the store didn't have organic lemons. If I'm going to put zest into a food, I prefer that there's no chance of pesticides going into the food.

Any the yield was 2 pint jars, 2 half-pint jars, and 2 quarter-pint jars of strawberry vanilla jam... one of those pint jars will go to the Ag Fair, but the rest..? Will get distributed at whim, probably. I have promised [personal profile] texasgrandma that I will label anything else I send her, instead of mystery ketchup, but that's all.
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Made ginger pear conserve with Magness pears today -- 5 8-oz jars and 1 4-oz jar.

I may repeat the recipe with Juliette pears later, if there are enough available at the market in the next few weeks.
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Made another batch of grape ketchup from Food in Jars -- used a little Korean red pepper flakes in addition to the cayenne pepper, because my cayenne pepper is old and probably needs to be replaced.
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Garlic, mozarella, weisswurst, cilantro, carrotcake cupcake, and meadowfoam honey.

Also, picked up another 12 oz of tomatillos and made salsa verde yesterday -- got 6 8-oz jars from one recipe. That used up the last of my homegrown tomatillos, and I cut most of the plants down as well. Friday I'm taking a day off, and will probably turn over the beds and put in collards, tatsoi, lettuce, and chard.

I still have the last of the peppers and eggplants to harvest, and the potato tubs to turn out. It'll be interesting to see what did well and what didn't. The lulo have suffered a lot of leaf damage from the cold, and I don't think I'll get any fruit from them this year; they'd probably do better in [personal profile] texasgrandma's garden, but I don't have any seed left. The green chiles were a great success, and the tomatillos as well, but I need to cage the tomatillos really agressively, because they spread like they're trying to acheive treehood. The tomatoes this year were pretty varied, but I really liked the Abraham Lincoln - it is a fantastic slicer, as adveristed -- and the Sungold cherry. The Great White was as low-acid as I was told but I think the taste suffered a lot by that. Paul Robeson and Black Krim were tasty, but not terribly productive; they might have been too close to other tomatoes, though.


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