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The tea savories were a big hit at [personal profile] wolfshark's stitch-'n'bitch, so here's the recipe:

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Note: Normally, Worcestershire sauce is made from anchovies, as well as vinegar, molasses, sugar, and onions -- if you wish the tea savories to be vegetarian, look for a vegetarian Worcestershire sauce.

From Eat Tea by Joanna Pruess with John Harney.
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Eating and baking apples, locally tapped fancy grade maple syrup (for an attempt at maple marshmallows), 4oz of mushrooms, a mini-quiche, and a framboisine.

Also picked up canned sardines and salmon at the Whole Foods -- the idea of getting more vitamin D in my diet might be a non-starter, considering how expensive fish is, especially sustainably harvested fish.

Made pitas, though they puffed poorly -- my oven runs about 50 to 100 degrees cooler than whatever I set it to, according to my oven thermometer. I might have to try the skillet method. I'll make quinoa with salmon and chard; the recipe is pretty tasty.

Also, the celery seeds I planted two weeks ago have sprouted, and I have teeny tiny celery plants growing on my windowsill. I'm not planting them for at least another two weeks, though, because our weather has been up and down all month and we're likely to have snow again on Monday. I started fava beans and sweet peas today -- if they sprout I'll put them out next weekend. In a few days, I'll start some of my pepper seeds, and maybe some tomatoes and eggplants too.
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Okay, gougères are ridiculously tasty. I think I have an new go-to party recipe, especially if they're as good when they're room temperature as they are fresh out of the oven. Of course, that means that I have to not eat them all, which is going to be hard.

Also, they're pretty darned easy to make, compared to some other bread-type food.
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Donut peaches, yellow nectarine (for clatoufi), Zestar apples, ground cherries, two small green peppers, and two apple-walnut danish.

Sometime this week, I will make pizza with all the tomatoes that I've been picking -- my Debarao tomato has been really productive, and it's a plum-paste type.
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Sour Cherry Pie with Leaf Lard Crust

Success! The pie is fantastic, the crust is flaky and light, and I think I need to get a set of pie weights, because pre-baking the crust with white beans to weigh is down only kind of worked.

I followed this recipe -- New Twice Baked Sour Cherry Pie -- though without the brandy, and it is a fantastically tasty thing. The cherries are tart and tasty, as they are the same kind of tart cherries that are made into maraschino, but without the over-sweetness from the preservation, the flavor really comes through.

I used the leaf lard I rendered myself and it worked wonderfully, even though I don't have a food processor and had to cut all the fat -- the lard and the butter -- into the crust by hand. Also, I added a bit more instant tapioca than the recipe calls for, but I really dislike runny pies. This is not a runny pie; it is a fantastic pie!
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I'm using this recipe by Melissa Clark. Isued this weight-to-volume converter to figure out how much of the leaf lard I needed, because it wasn't in a nice pre-measured form, and neither was the butter.

So far I've made the crust and but it in the fridge -- it might have been easier with a food processor, but I managed with a sifter, a bowl, and a pastry cutter. The crust dough has a texture slightly better than the quark cheesecake dough, slightly sticky but malleable, like children's molding clay.

Tomorrow, I'll bake the crust -- maybe use rice as pie weights? -- and then the pie. I won't be using kirsch or brandy, but maybe I'll add a dash of Mexican vanilla...
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Purple sweet potatoes (pie!), gold rush and pink lady apples, batard of country white, dragon's breath cheese, chicken empanada, apricot tartlet, green bell peppers, rutabaga, candy onions, ground bison, and a bison hanger steak (on sale). I also asked the bison vendor if they ever sell suet -- he didn't know, but gave me their head of farmer's markets person's card so that I can contact them and ask.

I'm currently rendering the 6 oz of leaf lard I got a while ago with this method. We'll see how it turns out. I will say that cutting it up with my ulu was quite like cutting butter in texture, so I hope it turns out well. At the very least, it should be an interesting attempt.

Later, I'm making the Indian-spiced tumeric-potatoes-cauliflower-peas dish. Yesterday, I used the gingerale recipe to make galangal ale, but in doing so broke my 20 yr old food processor -- turns out that galangal is a lot harder root than ginger. Oops.
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This is a lovely alternative to pumpkin pie, as it tastes similar and doesn't require scooping out pumpkin guts.

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I'm serving this for Thanksgiving, having bought purple sweet potatoes -- I'm hoping for a somewhat lavendar colored pie!
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Batard of white bread, carrot cake cupcake, hazelnut chocolate bearclaw, 1 lb parsnips, ~3lb sweet potato, 1 lb of potato, honeycrisp apple, bosc pears, a batard of white bread, and 1/2 lb of baby ginger.

The sweet potatoes are for the sweet potato pie recipe from Roots: The Definitive Compendium for the Hallloween party Wednesday at work; I have no idea if that'll come off, considering the storm that is barrelling towards us, but if not, I can always eat it myself as it won't require further cooking. The ginger is for the ginger ale recipe from the same book -- [personal profile] ellen_fremedon and I are hosting Thanksgiving together, and I'm definitely doing a soft drink tasting menu. Right now, it's raspberry shrub, homemade ginger, hibiscus agua fresca -- I'm planing to get Fix the Pumps and the soda starter kit from the Art of Drink and bring at least one lactart and one phosphate as well.

I also dumped all the tomato and pepper plants in containers this morning, and brought in all of my pots so that they won't become hazards during the storm. I harvested everything that was at usable size on the plants in the ground, so I have two eggplants, several poblano peppers, a few sweet peppers, a tomato, handful of green beans, and one lone pod from the borlotto beans. I'll make baba ganoush today, and have something edible even if the power goes out for an extended period.

I might hit the grocery after work tomorrow and pick up some granola bars -- they're not super tasty, so I won't be tempted to eat them as snacks, and they are fine without refridgeration -- as back-up rations if the power goes out for a few days.
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A quart of blackberries, a batard of country white bread, a half dozen duck eggs, 7 cubalaya pullet eggs (so tiny!), 3 big tomatoes, 2 bell peppers, 1 medium eggplant, some parsley and cilantro, a small wedge of Bella Vita cheese (hard Italian goat cheese), a pain au chocolate, and a piece of chocolate hazelnut hibiscus baklava.

I'm making the herb tart this afternoon using one of the duck eggs, and maybe a 4-cupcake batch using one of the cubalaya eggs.
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I had to mash up two recipes -- this one and this one -- and add some raisin to fill out the gooseberries, but I have acheived gooseberry pie! weee!

Tomorrow it will be an herb tart to use the other half of the pastry dough recipe.
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I made pastry dough for a pie crust today. While this doesn't normally sound like a major accomplishment, the kitchen in my new apartment has no countertop space wider than a foot, so I had to take my roul'pat silicone work surface to the kitchen table to get enough space to roll out a pie crust.

Tomrrow, I will make a herb tart using the recipe in Shakespeare's Kitchen to make use of the leafy greens, cheese, and currants that I bought on Saturday
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Chicken empanada, cheese danish, pink lady apples, 5 lbs of potatoes, sandwich loaf of country white bread, and a bison marrowbone.

I'm roasting potatoes in lard right now, and will grill a NY strip steak shortly. After that, I'll roast the bone with a bit of sliced turnip and onions, and then boiled it into variety stock with some lamb shanks I recovered from the Jidi Bel Zet. I still have some egg yolks from making marshmallows the other day, so I may make cupcakes...
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Pink lady apples, carrots, a small cabbage, Lincolnshire sausage, white bread, chicken empanada, cheese danish, dragon's breath cheese, and eggs.

I'm simmering some chicken stock now -- if I go to the Gene Kelly retrospective tomorrow, I'll make soup on Wednesday, if I don't, I'll make it tomorrow night.

Also, I figured out that the recipe for fudgy cupcakes from Small Batch Baking works best with at least four tablespoons of buttermilk, not one, and three of the little bite-size Equal Exchange chocolate bars make exactly the 0.5 oz the recipe calls for -- and that with the extra buttermilk, the recipe makes 6 cupcakes, not four. Luckily, I can buy those tiny bars by the pound at the co-op, so if I want to make more of this recipe, it's fairly easy.
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Batard of white bread, pint of blueberries, pint of blackberries, 3 pints bing cherries, apricots, shiro plums, tomatillos, zucchinni, sample size strawberry jam, dozen small eggs, chicken empanada, and cheese danish

Made white chocolate cakes out of Small Batch Baking this morning -- used 4 inch springform pans instead of empty 15 oz tin cans, so the cakes are shorter, but a lot easier to get out than recipe suggests. The rustic cherry pies are in the oven.
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From my Independence Day Cook-In (all recipes from Purple Citrus and Sweet Perfume)

Orange and Vanilla Crème Caramels )

Notes: Be very careful making the caramel, as it's easy to burn yourself on bubbling hot, molten sugar. Also, we had to set the ramekins in a small skillet with water to carefully heat the caramel enough to get the crème caramels out when we wanted to eat them; inverting them worked wonderfully.
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I used the recipe from my old copy of How to Cook Everything -- the one that's broken in the spine in two places, but has some recipes the new version doesn't -- and upped the sugar by a tablespoon.

The cherry pits are sitting in a glass jar under a mix of white vinegar and balsamic. This was a recommendation for making a cherry vinegar that I heard on A Splendid Table two weeks ago. We'll see if it works.
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Pint of cherries, pint of blueberries, pint of blackberries, pint of methley plums, 3 small zucchini ,small melon (about the size of a grapefruit -- I should be able to eat it in a week), batard of white bread, 5 oz of feta, 1/2 lb of quark, cheese danish and chicken empanada.

I have found a recipe for Käsekuchen and gotten myself a springform pan, so I'll try that sometime this weekend. Also, I've bought a copy of Small Batch Baking and plan to try many of the recipes, though I think I'm going to have to go online to get 4-inch tart pans with removable bottoms and maybe mousse rings and jumbo muffin tin (for small pies and upside-down cakes).
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We had to set these in a skillet with water as a double boiler of a sort to loosen up the caramel bottoms of these, but these Orange-Vanilla Caramel Cremes turned out wonderfully when we upended them.

Basically, we made flan with a melting orange caramel top by flipping them out. Next time, I'd slice the orange peel into much thinner slivers, but [personal profile] ellen_fremedon pointed out that they really nicely countered the rich sweetness of the custard, so using the peel so aggressively worked out.

So tasty! )

So the great Cook-In was a great success, though we both wished several times for a bigger, better laid-out kitchen. And more people to eat all the food, because seriously, it seemed that we Cooked All things.

And I seriously want to try more recipes from Purple Citrus and Sweet Perfume -- these are fabulously tasty recipes.
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So, the pink peppercorn meringues are finished -- they came out unexpectedly huge, and I will probably give many of them away.

The orange vanilla caramel cremes are finished, but I think I went past caramel into 'butterscotch hard candy', so the bottoms have a crust like a creme brulee. Ooops.

The strawberry-hibiscius ice cream is in the freezer setting up, and it tastedfabulous.

The white bean dip is half done -- the spices, oil and lemon juice are the only thing that needs to be added. The chard for the falefel is cooling now, after being blanched.

The meat is thawed, so after the parade, I'll get that started.


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