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I met [personal profile] greenygal to see Rashomon today, which is one of Kuraoawa's more famous films and a seminal role for Toshiro Mifune. There's a documentary on Mifune on Tuesday night that I might go to.

Walking back to my place, I was bothered by a man who complimented me on my hat and asked where I got it, but then asked if I wanted to make a friend. Given that this indicated he was either trying to pick me up or try to talk to me about Jesus, I told him I was full up on friends and walked away from him faster. Further home, another man tried to get my attention and when I ignored him, called me 'a fat bitch'. I turned around and called him out; his only come-back was 'fat bitch' again.

I'm really tired of men, and it's almost always men, that think a woman being out in public is required to give them the attention they want. It was really annoying because I was obviously walking with someone, but I guess they think that because I was with another woman, that doesn't count.

Anyway, we got both my Kallax units put together, with only a minor mishap. I'll get things moved around tomorrow and during the rest of the week. Hopefully having that much more shelf space will help with the de-cluttering!
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Someone threw half my mint pants, my primrose, all of my smaller strawberries, and my smaller shadbush into the trash and recycling bins today. I managed to rescue a bunch of them, but I'm pretty pissed off.

I'm really afraid it was the groundskeeping staff at my apartment, who have been around pruning (badly) and I generally haven't trusted since they planted rows of boxwoods all over.

So now I have to decide whether it is worth complaining to the housing office, or whether they'll say it's my fault for leaving my outside plants outside over winter.
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So, I get home today, and my apartment is 85 degrees.

The A/C is running, but not pumping any cool air -- I've called the housing office, and the maintenance guy has arrived, but I'm seriously considering turning on the box fan and opening the windows.
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[personal profile] lavenderliz and her husband moved into a new place recently, and were nice enough to give me one of their old cabinents/entertainment-centers. This means that I finally have my tv and DVD set-up, andhave managed to clear a good bit of floorspace thereby. The cabinent is deep enough to fold up my comforter and wool blanket to store on the bottom shelf, leaving the top and second shelf for the DVD player and DVD storage.

Also the surface is big enough to put my tv on and stack some Ikea Sortera bins beside it. I have one tall bin and one small bin, and I'm going to use them for yarn and fiber storage -- they're just around the corner from my loom, so the weaving yarns will go into the tall bin and various knitting kits will go in the small bin. I might want to get a tall Billy to put at the end for more book storage. It seems like that might be a good use of the space.

Oddly, I think I might need more furniture to get this place really organized. That's a bit weird, and will probably involve more trips to Ikea, used furniture stores, the Big Flea, and maybe Community Forklift -- I definitely need an armoire, considering how small the closets are in my apartment, a set of hooks from my hats and spindles, and probably a few more bookcases and/or storage cabinets.
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Batard of white bread, two small white turnips, 1/2 lb of asparagus, 0.4 lb of flat iron bison steak, one pan au chocolat, one ham and cheese croissant, two jalapeno plants (from hardware store), 6 apples (last of the season).

Time to repot my plants -- one of my strawberries needs a bigger pot, and my pepper seeds are finally sprouting. Not mention the sunflowers, zinger hibiscus, green and tongue-of-fire beans, and artichokes. I expect to get up early tomorrow and do a whole lot of repotting.

Also, I just signed my renewed lease, and my rent actually went down by about $20 a month. That's going straight into my savings account, of course.

May the Fourth be with you ;)
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Preserved Lemons -- started, though I'm worried that they may turn out awful.

Kitchen cart -- moved into space (and it's a perfect fit, blocking neither cabinet nor oven door!)

Chicken stock -- vegetables and chicken bits roasted, now simmering on the stove.

Buckwheat crepes -- still very iffy. My batter is always too thick to start and I find it really hard to put only 1/4 cup of batter in the pan on the first try. I expect to get better as I continue to practice, but I might need a class to get it perfect.
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The A/C stopped working last night -- and while I called this morning, I only got the machine.

When I got home, there was a box fan at my door, but no evidence that the A/C was actually repaired.

I'll call again in the morning. If I don't get an actual person this time, I'll leave a message asking them to leave a message.
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Even though I called my building's office this afternoon -- and actually talked with a person this time -- there is no evidence that they came out to look at the issues, let alone came up with a plan for fixing them.

The person I talked to didn't seem to have heard either of my messages on their voice mail, either -- not the one from Friday before last, or the one from that Saturday. So much for the speculation that they weren't able to get the repairs started because it was a short holiday week.

I'm calling them again tomorrow, to see what is happening, and probably every day until I see some evidence of work being done in my bathroom. If I don't see some evidence of at least an evaluation of the problem, I'm going to have to contact local government, and won't that be fun...


Nov. 24th, 2010 03:34 pm
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I saw four red-backed salamanders yesterday while cleaning the leaves out of my patio. I left a litle pile of leaves in one corner for them -- hopefully they can hide there and I won't feel so bad for clearing away the rest of their habitat.


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