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Made spicy bok choy (cheonggyeongchae muchim) yesterday, which is basically blanched boy choy with a sauce of soy sauce, sesame oil, rice vinegar, and fermented red chile paste. It's quite tasty!

It also makes a great egg frittata, when sauted with onion. A little kimchi juice mixed with the eggs to spice them up if you're interested
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1.5 lbs of kielbasa, 4 Japanese white turnips, a dozen eggs, potatoes, apples, garlic, kabocha squash, melomakarona, karidopita, and yellow oyster mushrooms.
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One of my friends gave me the excess from her CSA box -- a Japanese turnip, a carrot, a sweet potato that weighs about 1.5 lbs, and a onion.

I've braised the turnip -- greens and root -- with the onion, some garlic, and a pound of kielbasa I had in the freezer, so it's a simple dinner tonight.
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Took my pair of Fluevog Radio CBCs into the store as half the stacked heel came off one of them and they were still under warranty. The heels will be replaced on both of them, free of charge. I also picked up a set of heel caps for my Fellowship Sandras, which my local cobbler can replace, hopefully not for much money. I'd love to pick up a pair of Gateways Southport oxfords as interview shoes, but I would wear them everywhere.

Met up with [personal profile] greenygal, had sandwiches, and then went to a live-music showing of Metropolis at Constellation Theater, her treat. The music itself was interesting -- live improv -- but the artist had cut Metropolis down to 55 minutes which, if you know anything about the movie, makes it damn near incoherent. The entire subplot about Hel as the object of contention between Rotwang and Joh Federson was excised, as was a lot of conflicts between workers, owners, and management -- the foreman Grot was barely there, even though he's important in the complete film.

Then picked up some groceries at the Trader Joe's, including a double-sized bundle of green onions, two packs of tofu, and some bagels, and came home in the rain.
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Since I totally forgot to clear out the vegetable bin before the maintenance guys replaced my refridgerator (the freezer compartment was failing), I don't have any vegetables...

I guess I'm going to be busy shopping on Saturday.
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I have a bruise the size of a quarter above my right knee, and I'm pretty sure I got it from my weight-lifting this morning. Maybe from doing lunges, but probably somewhere on the machines for leg exercises, but it was definitely not from bang into anything -- a minor blood vessel going 'pop' is more likely.

Hopefully it will heal quickly.
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Went to see Arrival with two friends. It's a lovely, cerebral SF movie about linguistics and aliens that get to be very alien. Almost no one was stupid, though a few characters were completely blinkered by their frame of reference! I recommend it to all!
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Went out early to help pass out campaign literature for a friend who is running for one of the hyperlocal DC races -- Advisory Neighborhood Commissioner. I stood outside a polling place for three hours asking the people in line if they had thought about the ANC and did they know what district they lived in, and giving literature if they did, or thought they might live in my friend's district.

Given that I'd already voted in my state's early voting last week, I think this was a beneficial use of my time.

Let's just hope that the fact that today is 18 Brumaire isn't an omen.
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Made Sogogimuguk ( Beef and Daikon Soup) today. It's just the thing if you've impulsively bought three large daikons. I had everything but the beef in my pantry or fridge, and the most labor intensive part of it was cutting the daikon up.

Also, did weightlifting today, and have to figure out if I'm getting shin splits or some other reason for aching knees when I exercise.
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Rosemary and lavender plants, chicken empanada, tamale del elote, daikon, chevre, olive bread, anaheim peppers, bartlett pears, and pink lady apples
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Made pear-ginger conserve with the Juliette pears. Lets see if it tastes any different from the conserve made from the Magness pears. Only I tore my thumbnail to the quick using my microplane grater. I need to get better at my kitchen technique.
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This morning I tried to take the 1 mile loop that takes me to the local civic building, which is the local early voting location. However, there were several different construction projects that closed various sidewalks, so I actually had to take a lot of shortcuts that I wouldn't normally take since the entire point is to exercise for at least 30 minutes at a time.

Hilariously, the election judge who checked me in was someone I know from local fandom -- out of about 20 people, I got directed to her.

Anyway, I'm finished -- I vote for president, senator, congress representative, local judges, board of education members, and several local ballot initiatives. My ballot was two pages and double-sided on both. It took me less than 10 minutes in all to fill it out and get it scanned.

So has anyone else voted early? If not, do you have a plan for voting on Tuesday?

And in the way of weird coincidences, this year the US election is on the 18th of Brumaire. Hope that's not an omen!
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I finally headed down to my apartment complex's fitness room. There are 4 treadmills, several stationary bikes, a couple of different stair-machines, an elliptical, and one that I'm not sure what it was but it seemed to have separate treadmills for each foot. Not all of the machines were turned on, and I'm not sure I'd want to use them even if they were, since most of them seemed to be programmed for 'interval training' that is probably way too much for me at the moment, or possibly ever.

But what I was interested in was the several different weight machines. I tried them all, and while I'm only lifting about 5 to 15 pounds right now (more on the leg press, abdominal/lower back, and leg curl machines), I remembered that weightlifting is actually kind of fun. Certainly more fun than walking loops around my neighborhood, even if my doctor suggested it as an easy way to get daily exercise.

I think I'm going to start alternating walking and weights, with Saturdays as a break day -- not that I don't walk back and forth to the farmer's market on Saturdays, but my doctor didn't think that counted. It's certainly going to be easier on my joints, which was really becoming a deterrent to going out every day.
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I harvested at least 2 lbs of tomatillos today. Repotted my Syrian oregano (tastes like zaatar!) and a Jamaican thyme, and cut off and repotted a Truly Tiny banana plant offshoot. I also took the longbox of black-and-white minstrel dianthus and planted them in the ground. If they self-seed and come back next year, they'll be stunning, and hopefully taller and more prolific.

Also, it was actually approaching autumnal weather today, unlike yesterday, which was up in the mid-70s and ridiculous.
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Quince, Juliette and Magnes pears, black pepper chevre, honeycrisp and golden delicious apples, melomakarona, and white chocolate pumpkin spice cake. I'll be making two batches of ginger-pear conserve, keeping the different varieties separate to see if the exquisite flavor of the Doyenne du Juliette is preserved.

The Whole Foods had two whole monkfish at the fish counter today -- I have recipes for monkfish filets, but not for whole monkfish, which are bigger than serving platters.
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Made a kimchijeon today using Maangchi's directions. It's kind of like okonomiyaki, but a lot spicier.

I'd make half a recipe if I make it again, since it's make a fair substantial pancake, and it's probably more spicy than I need. Otoh, if you use vegan kimchi, it is an easy vegan recipe.
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Finally made the doenjangguk that I was planning to make this weekend. I did substitute the acorn squash I grew in my garden for zucchini, which was a substitution suggested by Maangchi. It was good, and definitely an option to repeat when squashes are cheap and plentiful in autumn and early winter.

Fresh littleneck clams aren't exactly cheap, though, and I'm trying to come up with a substitute that has a similar taste and texture profile.
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Brought in my cotton, banana, bay, oregano, and Jamaican thyme plants. There's a frost advisory for overnight, and those wouldn't survive. The peppers, eggplants, and tomatillos will probably die tonight, but as they're in the ground, I can't save them anyway.

I may pull everything up tomorrow and scatter autumnal and early spring seeds. Maybe some garlic, radish, and collards?
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I went to see A Narrow Margin today with [personal profile] greenygal -- it's one of the Noir City DC offerings this year.

The twist in the middle was actually really nifty, and Marie Astor is becoming one of the noir actresses I really enjoy watching.
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Magness pears, asian pear, honeycrisp and arkansas apples, quince, persimmons, kkakdugi kimchi (I've been eating it for breakfast!), black pepper chevre, dill quark, a quart of cream, a half-pint of chocolate milk, asian eggplants, oyster mushrooms, figs, a potato, olive bread, melomakarona, pumpkin spice chocolate olive oil cake, and bougasta.

I'm going to try making doenjangguk -- fermented soybean paste soup -- tomorrow. The version in my cookbook uses clams as the protein, but I think I'll be fine with tofu and extra mushrooms.


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