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Went to a free swing dance class down at the Jam Cellar with [personal profile] greenygal tonight. I liked it, even though I had a lot of trouble remembering what steps went when and not backing into the walls. I may go back, or look for classes closer to home.
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I tried the basic yeast bread recipe from The Tassajara Bread Book today. It made two loaves, so I made one plain, and made one a stuffed loaf with mushrooms, olives, wilted chard, and cheese. We'll see how it turns out.

Definitely this makes too much bread, so I'll have to cut the recipe in half from now on. Except maybe the kolache recipe. Kolaches for everyone! (and everyone will have to eat one, since the recipe makes about 24 of them!)
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Eggplants, green onions, yellow nectarines, red pepper, melon.
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I made and canned 4 pints of peach salsa today. It's the first time I tried the recipe, so I have no idea how well it will turn out. Hopefully somewhat good, especially if I let the jars age for few weeks on my countertops.

4 lbs of peaches is pretty damned juicy, and it took a lot longer than written to cook down. I had to get out my immersion blender, so the salsa probably has an entirely different texture than the recipe intended.
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Donut peaches, blackberries, 4lb of peaches (for salsa), 3lbs of red grapes (for ketchup), black pepper chevre, and a carrot cake cupcake.

It's ridiculously hot out, so I've spent most of the day indoors.
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I had half a muskmelon for lunch today, and came to a realization.

I need a grapefruit spoon, in spite of the fact that I won't eat grapefruit because it's so unpleasantly bitter.

Also, melons just a bit smaller than a grapefruit fit right into my food containers when cut in half, and it only takes two scoops of a table spoon to deseed them, so I'm going to keep buying them when they're in season.
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Purple carrots, blackberries, blueberries, donut peaches, black pepper chevre, hot peppers, sweet pepper, small melon, baby summer squash, and andouillle sausage.

I'm going to make an eggplant-summer squash-onion stir fry with the sausage and have if for the rest of the week. I also have some chard that I might add in just to use it up.
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Blackberries, blueberries, and black pepper chevre.

Also made rhubarb syrup today -- 5 half-pint jars, now cooling on my countertop. I may make something else tomorrow. Peach salsa, maybe?
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Chicken empanada, chicken tamale, celery, carrots, yellow nectarines, shiro plums, black cherries, blueberries, two mini-eggplants, bell peppers, tiny summer squash, and a pound of loose chorizo.

I'm going to try making Red Beans & Rice Nouveau Carre with the Sangre de Toro beans I bought from Rancho Gordo.
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Went to get a haircut, dyed my hair dark purple as a pick-me-up -- about the color of black cherry soda, in fact.
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As in, I can't open the front door to my building to get out. I'm going to call the emergency repair line right now, because this is REALLY bad.
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Blackberries, blueberries, black pepper chevre, shallots, chard, and value tomatoes.

I picked up some cheese ravoletti from Whole Foods, so I'm making ravoli potage later. I may try homemaking creme fraiche again.

The chevre I'm going to combine with a demi-baguette and some radishes for crostini.
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Last night, [ profile] fabrisse and I had dinner at Plume.

It is an experience I heartily recommend to anyone -- the tasting menu has vegetarian options for all courses, the prix fix menu did not. You'll need your fancier clothes, of course, and reservations. The sommelier came out to help [ profile] fabrisse pick two wines for dinner -- she was able to have a half-glass of one, and a full glass of the other, paired for her dinner.

The amuse bouche last night was asparagus cream, a pickled herring macaron, and a tiny slice of brisket topped with tomato. I ate [ profile] fabrisse's brisket, though I suspect they would have found a substitute if we'd made a point of it.

The second course for me was soft-shelled crab tempura with sweet potato tempura matchsticks and green tomato chutney; the crab was exquisite after I cut it into four pieces. Her first course was saffron carrot tartare with chive blossoms and pistachio oil.

My third course was red rock mullet filet served over two squash blossoms, cut open and laid flat over blood sausage. Her second course was broccoli with garam masala and double-baked sunchokes over a hazelnut foam.

My fourth course was lovage pasta (bright green!) carbonara, with a coddled duck egg, duck prosciutto, and chanterelles; it came in a lidded glass bowl. Her second course was ricotta basil gnocchi (not quite as bright green), yellow cherry tomatoes, basil oil and sea beans.

My fifth course was duo of lamb -- a merguez sausage, a medallion of lamb loin, a bundle of haricot verte tied with a garlic stalk as a ribbon and a garlic black tuile (a baked ribbon that was absolutely fantastic) and a mint filled garlic bun (basically, a bao stuffed with black garlic and mint) served au jus. Her fifth course was a wild mushroom and porcini tartlette the size of her hand.

The sixth course was a pre-dessert palate cleanser. Mine was a beautiful strawberry confection; hers was a specially made that was peach, possibly, but some other fruit because she's allergic to strawberries.

Desert was a rhubarb blanc mange with two mini-macaron, blueberries slivers, apricot slices, rhubarb coulis, and apricot sorbet.

Then we both had peppermint tea to wind down.
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Blueberries, sweet cherries, sour cherries (pie!), sugar snap peas, and cheese curds. It looks like strawberries are over for the year, except what's in my garden and the squirrels don't get before I do.
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2 quarts of strawberries (I may make jam), 1 quart yellow-and-red cherries, pita, melitzanosalta (Greek roast eggplant spread), melomakarona (Greek honey cakes), two chocolate croissants, and 2 bars goat milk soap.

I also got a pint of sugar snap peas, two sweet potatoes, and a few beets because I picked up the CSA share for friends who are out of town and they said to help myself.
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Made the white chili from Bean by Bean. I used tepary beans, which are quite flavorful. I would definitely do it again, though maybe cut the recipe in half, as it made as much as my double-batch red chili. I used about twice as much hominy as the recipe called for as well, because I could only find 25 oz cans on hominy, not 10 oz cans. I suppose I could buy dry hominy and make it myself, but that seems like a lot of extra work.
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Chevre, quark, cheese curds, garlic pigtails, strawberries, and ground turkey.

I bought some white tepary beans from Rancho Gordo recently, so I'm going to try to make a white chili with turkey, tepary beans, hominy, and poblano chiles. The recipe is from Bean by Bean and originally uses Textured Vegetable Protein as the protein, but since I don't have that it and don't want to go out of my way to get it, I'll go with an animal protein.
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Pink lady apples, garlic pigtails, sugar snap peas, tomatillo plants, snapdragon, marigold , and mammoth sunflower plants, chicken empanada, and tamale del elote
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2 quarts of strawberries, 1 quart of milk, hard cider (for gift), masala cider pickled beets.
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Pink lady apples, strawberries, tamale elote, chicken empanada, 3 nasturtium plants, 2 snapdragon, 1 milkweed, 3 hot pepper plants, and chicken thighs.

I'm going to make take the chicken thighs and the salsa verde I canned last year and make enchiladas (something, anyway -- it depends on how much energy I have)


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